Cheap grahics that can handle 22 inch monitor

  VNAM75 19:26 18 Jan 2011

I have an old p4 pc with onboard s3 mirage graphics which has a max resolution of 1280 x 1000. On the 22" monitor things looked a bit stretched. I've been looking on ebay for a cheap agp card as a solution but they dont specify what resolution they are.

Would something like this be suitable?

click here

  GaT7 22:13 18 Jan 2011

What's the native resolution of your 22" monitor - 1680*1050?

Very unlikely that the card you posted will be capable of the resolution you need.

This MX 440 64Mb for just over £6 click here may work at a high resolution (max 2048*1536 click here), but then again your monitor's native resolution may not be available. G

  VNAM75 23:09 18 Jan 2011

Thanks Crossbow, that seems like what I need. The card I posted didn't look up to the job tbh (8 mb ram?).

I don't know the native resolution but its a standard 22" wide screen. If the native resolution is not available, jus using a higher one than the current one would be better, wouldn't it?

  GaT7 11:34 19 Jan 2011

Yes, I guess a higher resolution is preferable to lower one on a 22" screen.

Native resolution is the ideal setting for a TFT/LCD monitor as that's when the display is at its sharpest.

What's your monitor's brand & model number? G

  jakimo 17:23 19 Jan 2011

you only get what you pay for(if your lucky)

Why buy someone elses left overs and regret it, even Crossbow7 don't know if it will work or not..

Wait until you can afford a NEW card

  VNAM75 20:27 19 Jan 2011

Thanks. The monitor is an acer 22" and the native resolution is 1920 x 1080. At the moment its set at about 1200 x 1080 (max the card will go to) so the vertical resolution is spot on but horizontally its not, hence the screen looking strethed.

I cant jutify buying a new card/expensive as its an old pc used just for the internet.

  VNAM75 20:29 19 Jan 2011

strethed = stretched

  VNAM75 20:31 19 Jan 2011

Crossbow, the card you linked would be suitable won't it? How do you over ride the onboard grahics when fitting a new grahics card?

  GaT7 20:55 19 Jan 2011

That card is capable of displaying a high resolution, but I'm not sure if 1920*1080 will be supported. You'll only know for sure once fitted & drivers installed.

Some in this thread click here in another forum got it to work at 1920*1080 with older drivers (via a rollback in Device Manager). You need it for XP right, nothing later?

Other branded MX 440 cards apparently supported 1920*1080 - see click here, click here & click here, but those high refresh rates would indicate CRT monitors.

Installing it will override onboard graphics automatically. But if by a slim chance it doesn't, you'll need to enter the BIOS & disable it there (more about this if needed at the time). G

  VNAM75 21:21 19 Jan 2011

Thanks CB. Yes it is XP. I've actually manage to get hold of a card from another old pc. Its an AGP card, with 8 ram modules embedded on to it (so I presume its at least a 32mb card?). It also has a dvi port. Other than that I can't tell what card model it is. If I fit it into the pc would windows pick it up and use say a default driver as a temporary measure? I can then run some software to identify the card and download the appropriate drivers - is that possible?

On the card there is also a white socket with 2 pins. I'm not sure if this is the power supply connector to the card?

  VNAM75 21:22 19 Jan 2011

Its a nvidia card card but cant tell what model it is.

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