Cheap Freeview TV card - any recommendations?

  Bailey08787 11:48 10 Oct 2005

My current Freeview TV card seems to have gone kapput. (Hauppage Win-TV PCI-T).

My motherboard just doesn't detect it. I've tried the latest drivers etc, but to no avail.

So it looks like I will need a new one.

Can anyone recommend a cheap decent one - can be external or pci.


  Stuartli 12:34 10 Oct 2005

The TwinHan VisionPlus DTB-ter from click here (see click here for details).

I had one for nine months which delivered cracking pictures and audio from Winter Hill, along with all 80+ TV and radio stations.

Now got the D+A version, but now waiting for TwinHan's replacement software for the current PowerCinema offering, which has not proved ideal (at least in my case).

D+A description at:

click here

With the straightforward DTB-ter card I found the earlier 2.43 TwinHan drivers and software to be superior to the later upgrade. Website at:

click here

  Stuartli 12:35 10 Oct 2005

The earlier TwinHan software was, apparently, the same as the Hauppauge cards and supplied by an Italian company.

  pj123 13:07 10 Oct 2005

Also check this one out. Comes with it's own aerial. I would have liked to buy one but it only works with XP. I am still on Win 98SE.

click here

and also: click here

  Stuartli 13:54 10 Oct 2005

BigPockets is/was selling this Freecom model at £50.

TwinHan does a similar model, the Alpha, which is also HDTV compatible but, again, only for Win2000 and XP:

click here

  pj123 14:54 10 Oct 2005

The Twinhan doesn't come with it's own aerial though. I have a Freeview box connected to my TV but my "standard" terrestrial aerial wasn't good enough so I had to buy another one (at a cost).
It would be nice to see if the silly little aerial that comes with the Freecom actually works.

My new Digital aerial is massive and installed on the highest point of my house.

  Bailey08787 15:12 10 Oct 2005

do any of these recommendations come with remote control?

  pj123 15:27 10 Oct 2005

The Freecom comes with a remote control, don't know about the Twinhan though.

  Stuartli 16:50 10 Oct 2005

>> My new Digital aerial>>

I presume you mean a wideband aerial? I had to get one fitted six or seven years ago in order to pick up the ONDigital channels in the middle of the bandwidth coverage that the standard narrowband TV aerial wouldn't pick up.

  pj123 17:09 10 Oct 2005

Stuartli, now you are being technical. All I know is when I first got my Freeview box my normal TV aerial (although it found some channels it wouldn't hold them). I had to scan everytime I switched the TV on. With this new aerial (had it about a year now) I don't need to scan, all the channels are there, and from tonight so is the new More4. Most of them are still a load of rubbish though.

  Stuartli 18:31 10 Oct 2005

Not very technical...:-)

In the days when there were only analogue transmissions and one channel (BBC), then two, three, a fourth and finally five, a narrowband transmission service was all that was required.

However, digital provides far more channels thanks to compression techniques but uses bandwidth not previously required, hence the type of aerials in use.

The wideband aerials, sometimes deliberately or otherwise labelled digital by retailers, fills in the area.

I've been watching More4 on both my set top box and PCI TV Card transmissions as it has been carrying trailers on the new station.

But you'll need to get ready for more retuning on October 18th, unless your equipment does it automatically, when a complete revamp of all the TV and radio station channels will be carried out.

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