Cheap Flights (Rant)

  Covergirl 13:04 01 Oct 2010

I have just priced up 2 flights with a major cheap flights company (no names, I reckon they're all the same).

By the time I had added in extra legroom, baggage, taxes, fuel tax, no meals and all the other small print, the cost of 2 flights had risen from £150 to £550.

Rant over.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:39 01 Oct 2010

The prices are quite clear as you have stated, so what is the problem. You having a bad and confusing day?


  Clapton is God 13:44 01 Oct 2010

This is the year 2010 and, when you return from whichever planet you're on, you'll find that "cheap" and "flights" is a contradiction in terms.

I can still remember when a flight that was advertised as costing £10 actually DID cost a Tenner and you could check-in hold baggage as well!

Was it really only ten years ago?

  Al94 14:41 01 Oct 2010

This might cheer you up Covergirl click here

As well as considering coin-in-the-slot toilets, why not have coin operated Life Jacket release (You'll have to employ divers to retrieve your coins from both though!)

  MAJ 14:52 01 Oct 2010

Fecking brilliant, Al94.

  sunnystaines 14:53 01 Oct 2010

to me travelling in comfort hassel free as possible is all part of the holiday, therefore keep to scheduled airlines and avoid the thomascook/easyjet lot

  sunnystaines 14:54 01 Oct 2010

there was a story the other day think it was a cheap turk airline had standing passengers as well as seated ones.

wait till ryan air start on that idea

The shape of things/flights to come?

click here

  iscanut 15:18 01 Oct 2010

Recently booked with a local airline. Flight advertised as £4.99 each way. By the time I had finished and had taxes, baggage costs, booking charge, credit card charge, seat charge etc...the final cost was £140.00 or so. You either have to take it or leave it !

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