charge to cancel BT Total Broadband

  Seth Haniel 11:51 22 Sep 2007

We've made some changes to your BT Total Broadband Terms and Conditions

These changes relate to a small charge that may be levied if you choose to cancel your BT Total Broadband contract. The changes will take effect on 9th November 2007 and you can review them using the link below – please go to ‘Price terms’ then paragraph 8 of the ‘BT Total Broadband’ section.

  wee eddie 12:49 22 Sep 2007

8. When you end your broadband service outside your minimum period and do not request and use a migration access code to move to another service provider, you will have to pay a cease charge of £6. You will not have to pay this charge in the event you are moving home and we are unable to provide the service at the new address.

It's called a "Cancellation Charge" and £6.00 is quite reasonable, compared to some organisations.

  spuds 12:51 22 Sep 2007


If you are suggesting that BT are now going to make a charge for cancelling a contract, I think that you will find that they can already do that anyway ;o)

  Arnie 12:53 22 Sep 2007

"These changes relate to a small charge that may be levied if you choose to cancel your BT Total Broadband contract."

How small?
It might not appear small if one is a pensioner.

  Arnie 12:56 22 Sep 2007

question, wee eddie.

  Seth Haniel 13:24 22 Sep 2007

I went on to say that it was a big drop from what I was quoted by BT a few weeks back where with the cancellation of seven months and the charges came to over £170.00 so I could change to 'FREE' Orange broadband -
I await the end of the seven months for waht offers before pulling the plug at no-cost :)

  wee eddie 13:32 22 Sep 2007

Then the Contractor is within their rights to charge you for the Total Amount Contracted to.

Any less and you're in clover.

  Colin 13:39 22 Sep 2007

"It might not appear small if one is a pensioner."

Like those pensioner's queuing outside Northern Rock branches this week? I know that this is going away from the subject of the thread but the notion that pensioners, single parent or any other members of society who are deemed to be poor really grinds my gears. Some are, some aren’t – just like anyone else.

  Arnie 13:39 22 Sep 2007

"What happenend to the rest of my post!!!!"

Do you use Ctrl C to save your text just in case you are disconnected. If so, use Ctrl A to ensure all the text is highlighted. This will then pick up the possible hidden text. Then re-paste with Ctrl V.


  Arnie 13:48 22 Sep 2007

You may be right, but there is no way of increasing my pension.

When I was younger and fitter I could always earn a bit extra carrying out a few jobs for friends and family.
At 71 I have to push myself to carry out my own property maintenance.

Anyway I was generalising.

  Seth Haniel 14:30 22 Sep 2007

typing away in thin air it would seem...
looked up and the post had gone - and shopping trip didn't give me time to check it - till i got back :(

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