Changing supplier

  Diemmess 10:33 19 Feb 2014

In almost exactly one month my contract with BT comes due for renewal and I think I may not renew this time.

Using 'Sam Knows' which sensibly seems to find the best related to the postcode, Orange seems to stand out.

If you are using Orange are you happy with it? (Home version). Also listed were Plusnet and BT of course. What sort of experience is Orange?

If looking for help, does it take up to half an hour persisting with awful accents and possibly two or more calls before real help is on the line?

  Woolwell 13:11 19 Feb 2014

A few years ago I was with Orange and yes it did take up to half an hour with awful accents to resolve any snags. Fortunately they were few. I moved because of low speeds but I suspect that any provider using a standard telephone line would have had the same problem. I'm now on cable.

  spuds 17:47 19 Feb 2014

Plusnet (which is a BT owned company) seems to have some good reviews, with a UK call centre.

Consider though that most landline ISP's use BT for their infrastructure, so any technical problems usually comes back to BT OpenReach to resolve.

I use TalkTalk, having gone through all the various mergers from Lineone. If you can get a level one manager contact from them, then life is much easier, than going through their overseas agents.

  Woolwell 21:50 19 Feb 2014

Jock1e - I get 60Mb and I'm being upgraded to 100 Mb, free of charge, in the next few months.

  martd7 22:07 19 Feb 2014


Me too but upgrade estimated August to January

  Diemmess 09:13 24 Mar 2014

Surprise s'prise.

I'm still with BT for various reasons probably because on very rare occasions they have fulfilled contracts or Help problems to the limit.

At these mercifully rare occasions with no hope of cable and not needing better than the steady 6.9 Mbps at present, I have to be prepared to run the gauntlet of "difficult" accents and their useless catechism, before being elevated to the "next level" and a problem solved.

  spuds 09:41 24 Mar 2014

Perhaps better the devil you know than the devil you don't situation?.

I am about to go once again through the ring of fire with Talktalk, due to getting more frequent broadband disconnections. Openreach and Quinn's have been doing quite a bit of fibre optic work and cabinet in the area, and I am beginning to wonder if that as something to do with the service I seem to be having?.

Going to the overseas call centre i will get the usual "nothing wrong", but going direct to an higher level, will no doubt bring a far better result. But why should it be like that?.

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