Changing To Cable

  Bingalau 18:49 11 Aug 2007

I am changing from Sky TV and putting all my eggs in one basket on Virgin Media's cable service, (Computer/telephone and TV) starting from next Saturday the 18th. Can anyone tell me whether I need to do anything other than cancelling my direct debit to Sky? I have already paid for this month (August).

  wiz-king 20:29 11 Aug 2007

I have had cable for the last five years, no problems found with it at all. One outage when the water-board cut through the cables and put us all off but this was fixed in less than a day. I have noticed a drop in speed at some peak times but the 4mb service normally speed tests at 3.8Mb. As I cant get broadband from BT's old copper wiring (some of Strowgers original I think)I will be continue using cable for the time being.
When I had cable installed the engineers were extremely helpful as to running the cable where I wanted it and left me a long loop of slack under the floorboards in case I needed to reposition my box at any time. I connected the PC to the modem installed the program and it all worked first time.

Cant help on the question of Sky - never had it so don't know how to get it turned off, but you may have to give them a months notice.

  [email protected] 00:31 13 Aug 2007

You must inform Sky that you wish to end the subscription. Don't just rely on the cancelled direct debit - they may still chase you for payment.

  oresome 09:22 13 Aug 2007

An observation with no personal correlation to the reliability of their service.

I notice a lot of Virgin's street cabinets that are vandalised...........doors swinging open etc and they seem to be left like that for months on end. Might be just where I live, but it puts doubts in my mind.

At least the yobs can't get at the satellite!

  Stuartli 12:43 13 Aug 2007

We've had Telewest cabling down our street for at least 10 years - thankfully I've never seen its boxes damaged or interfered with in any way.

Never had the inclination, however, to take up cable services and my next door neighbour reverted back to BT after two or three years.

  stylehurst 15:32 13 Aug 2007

I did the same as you are proposing about 2 months ago; you must contact Sky to cancel your contract. They will want a months notice (assuming of course you have fulfilled your initial 12 month contract). Once you have left Sky they will kepp on pestering you to return to them, usuyally phoning about 1800hrs each evening; just be tough with their caller.
Well impressed with Virgin Media for Telephone & TV, already had their broadband from the days of Telewest; BT unable to supply so they said due to poor quality of their cables; now pester me that they can supply but only at 512Mb speed; I'll stay with my presesent Virgin ISP at 4Mb thanks.

  birdface 14:26 14 Aug 2007

Virgin is ok as long as things go right,But when they go wrong ,It can be pull the hair out time,click here have a look through this it gives you some of the for's and some of the against.Generally they are pretty good until you have to get through to one of there call centers,The Uk ones are fine,It's the Foreign ones that are the problem,Best of luck,

  chrisintheuk 17:54 14 Aug 2007

I had virgin and moved back to sky as the service was rubbish.I think its just a matter a luck, my freinds have got cable and are more than happy, but do yourself a favour and inform sky as they will want 30days notice.One thing to think about is that they seem to get a lot of down time on their tv and I hear that often in my area - westmidlands

  captivetrill 22:21 14 Aug 2007

I have been with C&W,Nynex,NTL, and now Virgin for many years, both on dial up and broadband, I can't really say I have ever had any big problems with them, a few little problems usually got sorted out fairly quickly, I can't complain, I am in the east midlands.

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