changing bus speed

  jesta 15:21 20 Jul 2004

how do u change the bus speed of a motherboard because i think that my motherboard is at 200mhz bus speed and i want to change it to 266mhz and i know thats possible. and one last thing what is the bus speed of a Athlon XP-M 2500+

  rickimalone 19:10 20 Jul 2004

To change the frequency that the motherboard runs at you need access the BIOS and alter the multiplyer.

Regarding the 2500+ the speed is FSB 133MHZ 266MHZ DDR, hit delete or F2 at the post screen and you should be able to access it from there.

Make sure you dont change anything that you dont know what you doing as playing with the BIOS and not knowing what your doing can be playing with fire.

  rickimalone 19:11 20 Jul 2004

Regarding the 2500+ the speed is FSB 133MHZ 266MHZ DDR


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