Change from bt to tiscali is it wotth while

  Jarigo 21:59 23 Aug 2008

at the moment i am with bt which costs me £35 odds and includes broadband and line rental and wonder if I could get a better deal with someone else

  GaT7 22:26 23 Aug 2008

Tiscali is supposed to be dire. Unless they've improved things recently?

I'd suggest to stick with BT for your line rental/calls* & get broadband from O2 click here. If you're an O2 mobile customer (contract/PAYG), you get £5 off your bill each month. In addition, if you go via Quidco, you'll get a further £25 cashback click here, knocking a further £2 off your bill each month (in a sense anyway).

If you may save a lot more overall with other deals, but what's the service going to be like?

Virgin Media cable broadband & phone line click here (especially if you're in a fibre-optic enabled area) could be a good deal too, but may not be suitable if you're a heavy downloader especially during peak hours. Possible £65 cashback too click here.

Btw, I use or am a member of all the above & can recommend them all. G

P.S. Related O2 broadband forum discussions click here, click here, click here & click here

About cashback sites: click here, click here & click here

* Get cheap calls through your BT line by using click here & services like click here

  rdave13 22:31 23 Aug 2008

Don't really know. With AOL at £14.99 a month for 2MEG and with BT on light users scheme which costs, on average, £28 a quarter that includes phone calls and line rental.
Works out at roughly £73 a quarter.

  GaT7 22:39 23 Aug 2008

Just wanted to add that while I'm not a current VM subscriber, I have used them in the past for cable broadband only (no phone/TV) for ~3 years. I'd give them 8/10 (I've only ever been a dial-up subscriber with Tiscali). I'm a registered O2 broadband, Quidco (plus other cashback sites too) & 18185 member, & regularly use the MSE call checker to get the best rates through BT. G

  spuds 22:41 23 Aug 2008

I originally started out with Lineone who was taken over by Tiscali along with a number of other ISP companies. I had not real complaints until I changed from BT about 9 months ago, and gave all my services to Tiscali to provide. Things started to go wrong, but fair dues to Tiscali (after I had contacted their UK CEO), they provided a regular contact hands-on fault resolving service.

Everything is working very well now,and I am very satisfied. I can truly say that I am saving money with their free line rental provision, certain free calls and all in one billing.

  peter99co 22:43 23 Aug 2008

I pay £30 for Tele/Phone/2 meg BB. plus cost phone calls during non free time.

  spuds 22:49 23 Aug 2008

Should have perhaps mentioned that my total monthly bill comes to no more than £14.99 for 'upto' 8Mb broadband, and a few telephone calls, which brings the monthly bill to about £17/£18 max.

  TopCat® 23:12 23 Aug 2008

I've recently joined Talk Talk for their whole package that includes the line rental charge and free broadband.

Had some problems migrating from Pipex (Tiscali) which, in the end, turned out to be caused by my ten digit phone number not being accepted at TT's LLU in my exchange. All sorted now and I'm quite happy with the service and bb speed provided and I also saved £126 a year I was paying BT for line rental as well.

Should you go with TT, then once you get your welcome pack with account number, passwords and an email address enclosed, I would register with their forum. Any problems you may have with the service or billing can be dealt with from there. Prominent TT and CPW staff are on hand daily to make things happen much quicker. TC.

  Stuartli 00:12 24 Aug 2008

After eight years with WorldOnline (taken over by Tiscali) I switched to TalkTalk in April 2006 on its International3 AnyTime package.

There were one or two initial problems, mainly due to the staggering demand, but since then I've never regretted the changeover.

For £20.50 a month it's still an unbeatable package and one which brought about the remarkable lowering of costs for home users for broadband and phone calls.


click here

  Stuartli 00:14 24 Aug 2008

I'm currently averaging around 6.8MB to just under 7MB speeds on broadband.

  Si_L 01:04 24 Aug 2008

We are paying for 8meg broadband and getting about 1.5meg on Tiscali.

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