Championship Manager 4 - woeful

  Bailey08787 14:15 04 Apr 2003

I would just like to express my dissatisfaction with this game.

It is another piece of unfinished, bug-ridden, unplayable (and unworthy of anybody's money) software.

It's flaws and inconsistencies rival Windows OS for incompleteness.

I am disgusted that the makers of a truly great football management series, which has in the past set the precedent for this type of game, has completely let down their huge following, and charged faithfuls to the series £30 for a game that categorically does not work, and is largely unfinished.

Added to this, the chances of a very very large patch to remedy all the problems is far off in the distant future.

Developers - don't release it till its ready.

Game-testers - what a great job you have - how about earning your money!!

  Allan-263226 14:38 04 Apr 2003

What flaws do you have?
Have you also downloaded the update patch 4.03 from click here ?

  Bailey08787 15:16 04 Apr 2003

if you would like a list of the enormity and eternity of bugs/problems, please go to click here and take a look at the threads in the community forum

  Gray23 15:28 04 Apr 2003

i've got the enhancement pack and it still has many flaws. most that i have come across so far are not major but ruin the feel of the game nonetheless. like after 5 games in the champions league, winning 4 and drawing 1, it told me we had been knocked out of the competition!!!

there are number of flaws similar to this and feels far from polished.

i've been a fan since the first game on Amiga, and this feels like the most unfinished. having said that i cannot stop playing it!

  Allan-263226 15:50 04 Apr 2003

I agree, I am a member on the community and there are many, many people just like us that have experienced all of the probs. They are working on it and maybe it shouldn't have been released but after all they are only human!

I too, am totally addicted and can't get enough of it!

  simonp1 20:45 04 Apr 2003

Is it me or is the game very slow to play and the load times take an age. After so much waiting and hipe i feel very let down by the game.

  geezer13 23:15 04 Apr 2003

Yes, its full of bugs but the latest enhancement pack does eliminate some of them (4.03) further EP's are coming soon with EP2 in the next 7-10 days.

SI's official forums are extremley helpfull, however woe-betide you if you post information about a bug that has already been reported, you are greeted immidatley with a very rude reply followed by the wrath of the moderators, some of them even resort to foul language when a difference of opinion occours! Some of the moderators posts are both funny and eye-opening i reccomend that you go and read them!!

  dontaskme 23:50 04 Apr 2003

I can see why they would want to release it to make the money, but why not coincide it with the start of next season when all the transfers and relegations/promotions have happened.
only 7 games left this year.

I'm waiting for the next one personally (no doubt just before xmas)

  Muzziad 10:35 08 Apr 2003

i bought it on day of release, and updated my version to 4.0.3

i'm in my second season and haven't noticed any major bugs, a few annoyances yes but nothing i'd call major. isn't this the case with all games, and isn't that what patches (or enhancement packs as they now seem to be called) are for?

i have no problems with load times, perhaps cut down the number of leagues you have running. in these days of whizz bang wow computer games that look great but are low on content i think it's a credit to the game team for keeping people addicted to what is actually just a giant database. perhaps proof that gameplay is far more important than presentation.

  Gray23 13:11 08 Apr 2003

Recommended number of leagues for my computer was 16. And loading times were slow. I am now running 3 and the game is as quick as ever.

Really getting into the game now, and my opinion is changing somewhat - the game has gone from being close to woeful to being the brilliantly addictive game i thought it was gonna be.

  Elrond 14:31 08 Apr 2003

It hasn't been developed by the same people(Collier bros)(havent spelt that right have i) though has it? Maybe thats why it isn't what it should be. I'm still addicted to it but it is slow and i've only got 4 leagues running, I feel there are far to many yellow cards given out and I seem to concede a penalty every other game, fortunately enough Peter Enkleman does a good job of saving majority of them. For the few probs it has, i have to say the 2D match view is an excellent feature and you can get a real look at how players are performing and you can make more of a judgement on whether they need subbing or not instead of just going by the rating. Just need to crack the AI, its so much stronger and it will crack any tactic yoy have within a match or two. The longest any of my tactics kept me winning is 3. All the best

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