Champ man trouble

  rob6663 15:43 12 May 2003

Ok, ive got a celeron 667, and 320mb RAM
Wot i want nee, need to know is. Is it worth me investing in CM4? i know it says a P3 600 minimum requirments but im guesing its painfully slow. i want it so bad but will mine even run it? never mind at any great pace?

  Pilch.... 16:29 12 May 2003

With all the graphics turned right down and things like that. Still wont be at a great speed, but playable...

  Elrond 16:47 12 May 2003

I'm running an AthlonXP 1800 and 640MB Ram, 32MB AGP Graphics and its slowish. So i imagine it wuld be even slower on your system. My little bro is in the same situation as you, he adores the CM series but the PC they've got at home isn't up to it.

  simonp1 17:13 12 May 2003

It will run slow on the best of machines, i know. I love the cm series but to be honest i wish i never brought this one,its just not fun. Overall its just a waste of £30.

  Muzziad 11:31 14 May 2003

run the game with the bare minimum of one league as a 'primary' and you should be okay. it might be slowish though, i have an XP2700, 1mb Corsair Platinum RAM and sometimes it's still slow for me.

don't forget to download EP3 from SIGames. as for value for money, well the game has many annoying buglets (i won't call them bugs as they are more annoying oversights than game critical). the player AI when watching on the 2D screen can be infuriating, but it's still addictive.

personally i feel they released this too early (latest patch, the third, one month after release, is a 54mb file) and i'm a bit disappointed with it.

  Muzziad 11:32 14 May 2003

of course that should read 1gb of RAM not 1mb.

why no edit facility???

  davidg_richmond 12:43 14 May 2003

i have a PIII 600Mhz (overclocked slightly to 667ish) with 256Mb PC133 RAM, 64Mb GeForce 440 graphics card. I borrowed it from a mate to see how it played, and it was okay as long as:

a) one league was selected
b) minimal or normal database was used
c) sound was switched off
d) the 2d engine was used minimally

it was slow between matches, but the only really slow bits were going to the team options screen and when switching to 2d mode.

I got sick of it and won't buy it until i have upgraded! but then i remember the same thing happened with other editions of the game that were two/three years newer than my PC, so its just progress i think.

  SolvaCollective 13:43 14 May 2003

Its always the problem Ive played every one in the series, vigourisly and it seems understanderbly that one they release a new edition they build it so that you get optimum performance from the very latest PC's. Also I think speed is dependent on system I have played a CM on my machine and found it to be slower on my friends who has exactly the same spec's. My advice is to wait until you upgrade substantially. Im still enjoying CM 01/02 thanks to the editor. And now my CM's like a different game.

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