Centrino Processors - Your recommendations please

  TechMad 15:50 22 May 2003

I'm looking into buying a laptop and would like to know about people's experiences of using Centrino processors. The concept seems ideal for my computing needs i.e. 4.5hr battery life. I don't need the fastest processors as my tasks run well on 450MHz.

  davidg_richmond 16:32 22 May 2003

I'm playing around with a borrowed Samsung X10-1400 from Dixons. Its a nice machine but doesn't get near the 4.5 hours as Samsung have put in a smaller battery to keep the weight/size down - I only get around 1.5-2 hours out of it.

The Toshiba Pro M10 is a much better system for battery life, you will get over 4 hours on that. It costs around £1599 and has an average spec in terms of memory, graphics and hard drive but it sounds like you don't need much. The Pentium M 1.4Ghz processor is more than sufficient - it beats a P4 up to 2.4Ghz when run off battery and handles games fine too.

  Granger 17:35 22 May 2003

My laptop has a 1.6 Centrino and goes like the clappers, almost as fast as my 2.8 PC, which is no slouch

  mcullum_DX4Life 18:10 22 May 2003

Centrino is not a processor, your laptop needs such things as wifi as well the Pentium M processor.

"My laptop has a 1.6 Centrino and goes like the clappers, almost as fast as my 2.8 PC, which is no slouch" - hehehe try running a few games on it :P

  davidg_richmond 18:20 22 May 2003

mcullum - i've ran a couple of games on the Samsung and despite only having 256Mb RAM, Pentium M processor and 32Mb graphics it runs fine. It will not be very 'future-proof' for games being a laptop but then what is?

  Granger 18:53 22 May 2003

I won't be playing games on it. No game could compare with the raw excitement of Office XP.

  carlos 20:42 22 May 2003

Still waiting for my new Centrino laptop from Mesh. Our Accounts Manager assured me it would be delivered on the 25thMay but when I went"whaaat!" ( I ordered it on 6thMay) he said he would see what he could do.....still waiting.
PS 25th is this Sunday. will be there waiting LOL

  TechMad 08:58 23 May 2003

Thank you for your recommendations.

Ok, may be I should have re-phrased it to the "Centrino technology"

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