CDR labels wrecked my CD player

  LIVING_ON_BORROWED_TIME 21:05 28 Jul 2003


Your advice please:

I have just spent 2 hours getting my cds out of my CD player.
I have for many years burnt my own music onto cds and used sticky CD labels on them.

I have used quite a few different makes and recently found some almost cheap labels. But as I have a 5 CD changer I have just (to my cost) found out that the labels have started peeling away from the cd at the edges.

And due to the changer sliding over each other they have managed to get jammed in the player and something has come loose.

So I have opened up the CD changer and found a loose plastic bit. I have got this out and managed to slide the cds out by hand only now for the cd player still to be jammed (it looks like the plastic bit is some sort of catch)

Anyone know what I can do in regards to these labels. Obviously I'll be contacting the company who produces them but are they liable for the damage caused??

  canard 22:36 28 Jul 2003

Although they look good some experts say that CD labels are bad for the player because of the extra weight on a sensitive gadget.
There is a printer which prints CDs too- £360 but no doubt the price will drop as do all electrics. Might be safer to write on your CDs with suitable pen until this happens!

  mole44 10:43 29 Jul 2003

looks like the pen is mightier than the label,i.e. we all now know to not use labels but a cd pen to write in the CD

  POLECAT2 11:05 29 Jul 2003

The desruction booklet that came with my recently purchased Alpine radio/cd specifically warns against using labels as the heat generated by the unit causes said labels to peel of.

I use a permanent marker made for the job - much safer.

  Pappyon 15:41 30 Jul 2003

I print my labels from Nero software, and I use ordinary typing paper and a UHU glue stick on CDs and CD ROMs and never had any trouble with any of them.
Maybe you have a fault in your CD player, or poor quality adhesive on the labels you are using

  1514 20:13 01 Aug 2003

Try this

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