cd/dvd rom drive problem

  User-109F35F6-4DAB-4E9E-819A05997724F778 15:22 24 Jun 2005

I have just encountered a problem whereby my cd drive will only play music cd's,but as soon as I put in a software disc of any sort the whole computer freezes solid and I have to reboot it again before anything works.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:41 24 Jun 2005

Perhaps if you remove it via the device manager, it will sort itself out on reboot... If not, try a thread in the helproom where more people are likely to see it and respond.

  Smiler 18:57 24 Jun 2005

This should be poated in the helproom section not consumer watch. Hopefully you'll get more response there.

Yes.Did not realise I was in Consumerwatch.Tried the above suggestion but it did not make any difference.Thanks for the reply,though.I will close the post for now as I am off on holiday in the morning.

I have cured the problem by removing Avast.

  Smiler 13:44 27 Jun 2005

I hope you have installed another virus checker in it's place Such as AVG Free

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