CD/DVD labelling

  ivesy 13:56 18 Apr 2004

I am looking for a cheap colour labeller for my CD's and DVD's. I currently use the Fellowes Neato set up but I don't like it much. Apart from taking ages to get the printer to print perfectly on the Labels I now find when I leave my CD's in the car the labels are starting to seperate from the disk. I've seen small machines that print direct to disk are these any good?

  pj123 14:11 18 Apr 2004

The best CD label programme I know of is Discus from click here it's the only one I would recommend. Where are you getting your blank labels from? I get mine from Choice Stationery and I have never had a problem with "lifting". The FE posted a thread some time ago about a new CD Rewriter that will also print the label on the CD directly, but because I have never been able to get the search engine on the Forum working I can't find it. Someone else might be able to help here. Of course printing direct to the CD will only be effective if the blanks you are using have nothing printed on the disk. Most branded blank disks that I use have the manufacturers logo and tag lines printed on the face. For example it has things like Memorex, is it live or is it Memorex? It also has printed on it the maximum speed and size and minutes etc... so sticky labels are still the best way to go. Choice Stationery is at click here

  bremner 14:49 18 Apr 2004

Some express concerns about using sticky labels on CD/DVD's
click here;jsessionid=P0E1AMZV23IT0QSNDBCSKHQ?articleID=15800263&pgno=2

  bremner 14:53 18 Apr 2004

Link problems again. Remove the spaces each side of the //

http: // click here;jsessionid=P0E1AMZV23IT0QSNDBCSKHQ?articleID=15800263&pgno=2

  €dstowe 15:08 18 Apr 2004

The best method is to print the disks themselves. This means, of course, buying printable disks and a special printer but have a look at the Epson R200 or R300 and get your disks from click here or click here

The second reference has the R200 on special this weekend.


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