CD WOW prices have to rise £2

  canard 16:45 21 Jan 2004

click here If you're going to buy from CD WOW do it before prices go up. Say thankyou to the powers that be for the extra £2 you'll have to pay.

  Stuartli 17:14 21 Jan 2004

Not worth it - all the major supermarkets are selling even the top 20 CDs at around £9.95.

One day, and looks like it won't be too long, purchasing and downloading just the album tracks you want to your computer system will be the definitative format.

It's much cheaper than buying a CD as there are always some tracks that prove of little or no interest.

  georgemac 17:50 21 Jan 2004

ordered a £28 game boy advance, had to pay £8.40 customs charges before the post office would release it. Not worth ordering there anything over £18 or you get hammered by customs.

  obbit 22:22 21 Jan 2004

why are we being charged more than other countries anyway? because we are being ripped off as usual. "it's what the market will stand" is the latest attempt to keep us buying.

is it any wonder that people download illegally?

cd wow is a good company and i have purchased cd's often. now the BPI have got scared that they could lose money so we have to pay their prices!!!

it's about time we were treated fairly in this country.

the UK is often refered to as "treasure island" by most industries.

  duckers 22:52 21 Jan 2004

..obbit, we take this crap all the time then they wonder why people download illegal stuff, I would pay at most £8 for a CD, as they do in other countries, then again you show me a cd that contains any 'talent' worth my 8 quid.

its teh same with computer games, its a multi billion dollar industry now and they still charge 40 quid a shot, if teh prices went down thered be less computer piracy as well.
CD-wow and others have bucked the trend and paid the price, isnt there some law against price fixing? what a joke we have become in this country, yet th government think we done see it,,,wait until my 1st when our old age pension fund is being raided by illegals who have been here more than 3 months and then well see who votes labour.....

  spuds 23:59 21 Jan 2004

This increase in price will effect a number of 'cheaper' cd/dvd and off-shore cd/dvd companies. The 'big boys' are taking a couple of these smaller companies to court shortly, citing that they are selling cheap foreign wrongly sourced supplies.Hence the lower prices.

  wags 09:56 22 Jan 2004

BBC have also got this news:
click here

I agree it's a real shame, as a frequent customer of CD-WOW. At least they are still able to sell DVDs at same competitive price.

BTW, is another source of cheaper far anyway !

  wags 09:57 22 Jan 2004

Sorry, see that's the same link as canard's !!

  wags 09:57 22 Jan 2004

Sorry, see that's the same link as canard's !!

  Darth Port 10:48 22 Jan 2004

According to The Times today, the BPI have a separate suit with, so they'll probably get them too! How can they get away with this?

They've shot themselves in the foot, as internet-savvy customers will stop buying CDs at high prices and ripping tracks will become the norm.

  Dumfy 12:33 22 Jan 2004

Hi all

I’m also a member of an AV Forum as my other passion after PCs is Home Cinema. I’ve pasted my response to that Forum also for anyone who may be interested. My idea here is to highlight the situation to as many people as possible.

What are your thoughts on this?

Best Regards



Recently the BPI have forced CD-WOW (an on-line internet music retailer) to increase it's charges to UK consumers by £2.00, yes that's right two whole pounds per CD, and ONLY for British consumers. Why? Because they want to? Here's what CD-WOW recently sent to its customers:

CD WOW! - An Important Announcement

The UK Major record companies through their mouth piece the BPI have unfortunately restricted the UK and Irish consumers right to enjoy the freedom of the World Wide Web.

As from this weekend, any CD ordered for delivery to the UK and Ireland will incur a surcharge as we are only able to deliver CDs manufactured within the EU (more expensive).

Delivery to the rest of the world will not be affected.

We will of course still be supplying UK and Irish customers but as of Sunday 25th January 2004 a surcharge of £2.00 (3.00 Euros) per CD will apply. ====================


Aparently the BPI are insisting that all discs supplied must be sourced within the EU which will make them more expensive. Is this pure greed on the BPI's part or is there some other valid reason?

On past experience of the rip-off UK debate, I suspect it may be greed and if so, is it any wonder people download music illegally? On a personal note, with the prices for CDs on CD-WOW being so good, I'd rather buy the original than download off the Net. This will in all probability put me off buying CDs if this is going to be the BPIs attitude. The only way these guys will understand is when you hit them where it the pocket. Obviously, my little protest won't in any way affect will take a lot more people than just me to do that. The real shame is that a decent supplier like CD-WOW will lose custom.

Just an opinion.


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