CD-R offer at Morrissons

  Al94 12:45 07 Aug 2004

Just returned from the weekly shop at Morrissons (Safeway in Northern Ireland), they have imation CD-R 52X 700MB 80Min with full CD case on offer, three boxes of 10 for £10

  Stuartli 12:53 07 Aug 2004

This offer has been running for more than a year - it started off with the 32x disks, then 48x and now 52x for the last six months or so.

I've mentioned it numerous times in the forums (along with others) because you get high quality media, excellent cases and all for very little more than No Name blanks and having to buy the cases seperately.

Morrisons/Safeway in fact has a number of excellent computer, hi-fi and other technology offers at all times.

You can buy, for instance, two four-pack 180min video tapes from top brands such as Maxell, Sony and JVC for £5.

  jakimo 12:59 07 Aug 2004

Imation disc's being a Taiyo Yuden product makes them a very reliable product, to date Ive never had a coaster

  Al94 13:07 07 Aug 2004

Well, Stuartli, we didn't have a Safeway store locally until about 4 months ago, first time I had seen them selling CD's ever here since Morrissons take over, now it seems that Morrissons are going to sell off all the Northern Ireland stores and Sainsburys or Tescos seem likely to take them on - not good news for the N I consumer!

Still, no harm in reiterating a bargain!

  Stuartli 13:28 07 Aug 2004

No harm at all...:-)

We had both Morrisons and Safeway stores here before the Yorkshire firm's takeover and I let forum members be aware of the terrific bargains those using Safeway could expect.

In fact here Morrisons closed down its own (smaller) outlet and refurbished the larger and already modern Safeway building - it was the first Safeway in the UK to get the Morrisons branding.

Packed out every time you go now.

Unfortunately Morrisons have wrecked the Safeways at Milton Keynes.All the healthy food bars have been ripped out and replaced with a chips with everything coffee shop. It is one Northern innovation that is going to fail, since southern tastes in food appear to be quite different.In fact the financial press have recently reported falling Safeway sales since the takover - I know my wife will not set foot inside the store now.
Back on topic; the Morrisons offer works out at around 33p a disc - way above what can be found with a little shopping round.

  Stuartli 15:54 07 Aug 2004

Yes, but are they the same high quality?

I've never had a coaster with the Imation disks which are rebranded Taiyo Yuden media - one of the world's leading manufacturers.

You pay a little more for quality and reliability and, what's more there's no ordering online and having to add p and p etc. Just pick them up with the weekly shop.

Actually, when the offer originally stated, I bought enough for at least 12 to 18 months' average use as the disks proved so good.

Only just finishing off the 32x purchases...:-)

Soon be on the 48x and sometime in the future the 52x.

  Andybear 21:08 07 Aug 2004

Morrisons are also good for DVD's / videos / music cd's. Even the latest titles are a couple of quid cheaper than, say, WH Smith.

  spuds 11:24 08 Aug 2004

Since Morrisons took over my local Safeway's store, things have gone downhill.No more bargains like you use to have via the weekly flyer. Electrical and computer stuff,now non-existant.Even some of the popular Safeway budget buys have been discontinued. Perhaps this store is heading for the closure list!.

  Stuartli 11:55 08 Aug 2004

Complete and utter rubbish if I may say so.

Morrisons always has more than 1,000 BOGOF offers at any time, Safeway rarely more than 20 or so.

We had both Morrisons and Safeway stores where I live and the latter was converted to Morrisons branding - the first in the UK.

There is the usual Morrisons range of electrical and computer related products and, what's more, prices are a lot lower (as we knew they would be) when it was a Safeway outlet.

The Safeway flyer did enough to attract people in to get the four or five main offers but, once those had been acquired, canny shoppers soon realised that more basic items were considerably more expensive.

By the way, BOGOF and similar offers are through the promotional activities of manufacturers and distributors, not the stores themselves.

  spuds 13:06 08 Aug 2004

"Complete and utter rubbish if I may say so". You have made a very good Morrisons marketing statement, as you do on all your Morrisons postings. But I can only state what is happening at my local still named Safeways store.When you see areas in the store empty,that use to be full of products, what impression can this give. To see it, is to know it!.

About thirty miles away in two different directions, there are two old and well established Morrison stores. Both these stores are well supported by Morrisons and its customers, but as stated, the 'local' Safeways is heading downhill, and this is not just my opinion.This particular store as never been a good earner for Safeways, there are too many larger stores [Asda,Sainsbury,Tesco] in a 2/4 mile radius, competing for the same market.

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