CCleaner Cleaning too Much

  griffon 56 14:07 16 Aug 2007

Recently in the Community Zone ALG Carmichael asked how to stop CCleaner erasing wanted files. The expert answer was inaccurate as an examination of how CCleaner works will show. This being so in this simple case how can we trust more complicated answers?

  Seth Haniel 14:11 16 Aug 2007

you can select what areas it deletes or leaves alone - and under options select files to keep or remove

  Clapton is God 14:29 16 Aug 2007

I agree with Seth Haniel - what exactly do you mean by "wanted files".

I've been using CCleaner for more years than I care to remember, I have all the options ticked and it's never deleted anything I don't want it to.

I think we need a little more information as to what exactly your problem is with CCleaner.

  griffon 56 14:42 16 Aug 2007

Excuse me fellows, I wonder what the tone of your reaction would have been if I'd really trodden on your toes? Give me a break, I was merely repeating what Mr Carmichael had said. The point of my post was that the expert reply was wrong. I too, have been using CCleaner for at least a year and find it absolutely reliable and consistent and it has never deleted anything I might have wanted to keep, but maybe Mr Carmichael wanted to keep lists of recently opened documents and so on, cookies and other Crap.

  griffon 56 14:54 16 Aug 2007

I've checked and see that I've been using CCleaner since 31 May 2005 with first class results. It's also got a better uninstaller than Windows, so I've nothing against CCleaner, just seriously concerned that wrong answers might be going unchallenged because they were from 'Experts'. The link to the original post is click here where you might like to comment on what I regard as a less than satisfactory answer.

  Seth Haniel 15:30 16 Aug 2007

by the expert - it seams that he is correct in his reply

can you point to what is innacurate ??

  griffon 56 16:22 16 Aug 2007

It's not so much being wrong Seth Haniel but not being quite right. If you click the Advanced box you don't just get the option of clicking the Custom tab on its own, you get an automated series of selections which you have to plow through, of all the boxes listed below the Advanced box and then afterwards, unticking all but the Custom box.

If you click the Applications tab you don't get a list of all the programs you can remove but a list of which programs will be included in the cleaning process.

If you want a list of programs which can be removed you click on Tools when a list similar to Windows Control Panel 'Add/Remove Software' option is displayed. Now, if this isn't wrong please correct me.

The point is that we know CCleaner and its workings and therefore don't need advice but what if the subject was something unknown to us and critical details such as those I've been highlighting were wrong. Cock ups could occur.

If a feature is going to call itself 'Expert' then it ought not to be wrong in any detail reasonably expected to be within the province of an expert, otherwise it would be better to go to the Helproom and get the picture from the likes of the true experts dwelling there.

  Teaboy 17:13 16 Aug 2007

I think it is well known that one does not set Cceaner to clean Issues. I have had trouble with this in my early use of this programme, making a right mess of the registry in my computer. Perhaps this is where Carmichael erred?

  Stuartli 17:19 16 Aug 2007

I have never had any problems using Issues with CCleaner.

I always use it after installing or uninstalling programs, applications etc and it cleans up unwanted entries without having to do it manually.

  griffon 56 23:44 16 Aug 2007

Please forgive me Teaboy and Stuartli, but this thread was not posted to discuss the merits of CCleaner but to ask opinion on the value of 'Expert' advice which might be wrong, tho' I'm with Stuartli on 'Issues', I've never backed up the Registry before using it and never had any problems whatsoever. What it gets rid of seems always to be self-evidently rubbish, tho' I always read every entry carefully to see if it seems logical.

any expert opinion may always be open to a different point of view from another expert these forums always try to point to solutions from experts
you take the choice you think will help you to solve your problem it is too easy to become frustrated and consequently a little abrupt
CCleaner does a job and if you have a problem with it contact the vendor of the software

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