Casio and their "customer support"

  realist 10:01 19 Dec 2005

Words of warning for anyone who's bought (or been bought)a Casio product for christmas.
My Exilim s-100 digicam, well I got it for my grandson, failed at setup some weeks ago and as I bought it "refurbished" direct from Casio (bad move)I returned it special delivery with a "Sale of Goods Act" letter. All I ever had back is a printed form saying how long it will take to repair. They don't answer follow up letters and totally ignore emails. As a last resort I phoned their custservs' number this morning and was treated to ten minutes or more of "Thank you for calling Casio all our agents are currently busy your call is important to us and will be answered shortly".....but it never was. I did that thing where you ring the next number up from the one they give out; it's usually a "real" number with a "real person" at the other end was answered immediately but he said I had Casio's old number and he wasn't Casio! This is certainly the most arrogant company I've ever dealt with.
Oh well that feels better.....!

  realist 10:09 19 Dec 2005

.....and I've noticed they also sell their refurbished stuff on eBay styling themselves as "oisacuk".....get it?

  anchor 10:28 19 Dec 2005

I would suggest that your write to them, (special delivery), giving them 14 days to refund your money, or you will take action against them in the small claims court.

Casio Customer Service Center
Unit 6,
1000 North Circular Rd,
Tel: 020 8452 7253
Fax: 020 8450 9139

  realist 10:36 19 Dec 2005

Thanks for that. I'm aware of the small claims route but it's such a chore and it really oughtn't to be necessary when dealing with a respected name like Casio. For the moment I've emailed them a link to this thread find out just HOW arrogant they really are!

  realist 16:03 19 Dec 2005

Perhaps Casio have read this thread after all.....just got home to a message on my phone from their Sales Director. He apologised and said the problem had only just landed on his desk.....I should get my camera back tomorrow or Wednesday!
A qualified "thank you" to Casio.....just hope the blessed camera works this time!

  Forum Editor 17:35 19 Dec 2005

that the company shouldn't sell refurbished products on Ebay. Having got that out of the way, it's good to hear that this looks as if it's in the process of being resolved.

Most consumer electronics companies are pretty busy right now, and although I'm not an apologist for Casio I think you need to show a tad more patience - a 'sale of goods act' letter might have been a slight overreaction to what sounds like an unforseeable glitch, and to say that buying a refurbished item direct from Casio was a 'bad move' is totally unjustified in the circumstances.

  realist 18:10 19 Dec 2005

Thanks for your input.
Buying a refurbished item from Casio was indeed, from my point of view, a 'bad move'. With the benefit of hindsight, I would certainly have preferred to have spent £££ more on the equivalent brand new camera from Argos with the certain knowledge that if it went wrong (which it shouldn't do anyway)I could return it locally for an instant exchange. From the customer's point of view there is something to be said for having a retailer between the buyer and the manufacturer.
The "Sale of Goods Act" letter was not an "overreaction" I was merely establishing my rights. As it happens it was well so to do. Surely, yes, Casio can resell their returns on eBay but it is slightly underhand, I think anyway, for them not to be up front as to their true identity.
Anyway, as far as I am concerned.....with Casio, the jury is still out.

  spuds 20:01 19 Dec 2005

As you have rightly stated, buying from Argos would possibly have been the best move. I have purchased a number of Casio items from Argos. Two items turned out faulty after a few months use, these were returned to Argos, with replacements and new twelve month warranties provided without any problems.In with the old, out with the new, with no cost to me.

  Forum Editor 23:32 19 Dec 2005

because it was cheaper than a new one, so going to Argos wouldn't have been an option.

You got the cheaper price, and it looks as if you'll soon be getting the camera back, so let's leave it there for the moment. No doubt you'll let us know as soon as you have your hands on your (working) camera.

  realist 12:22 20 Dec 2005

Yes, I have to admit I'm beginning to sound like a grumpy old git!
Thanks again for all the help and advice..... and "compliments of the season" to everyone.

  realist 22:45 20 Dec 2005

Camera returned to me today by Casio as promised. The complete lens unit has been replaced and the camera appeared to set-up ok this time around.
Hopefully it will be happy snapping from hereon in.....

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