laurie53 16:44 22 Aug 2009

My wife has some old jewellery she wants rid of and is thinking of using this company which involves sending the goods through the post.

I've done a couple of searches and can't find anything untoward, but I'm of a suspicious nature.

Has anyone any experiences, stories or links please?

  Si_L 16:56 22 Aug 2009

They seem reputable, but I wouldn't expect a good price for it.

  BT 17:34 22 Aug 2009

I saw someone on TV the other day telling you how to get a rough value of your gold. Apparently 5gm(approx the weight of a 20p piece) is worth about £35 scrap value

  961 19:14 22 Aug 2009

Take it to a local independent jeweller. He'll give you a good price and weigh it in front of you!

  spuds 19:16 22 Aug 2009

It seems as though 'cashing in your family jewels,rolex watches and any type of gold' are becoming big business, since the recent financial saga.We have been getting leaflet drops for the last month or so, usually with a mobile phone number and 'instant response' for valuation. Similar with people setting up new stall or kiosk outlets.

Personally, I would stick with a reputable local outfit. At least you can take any items for a face to face encounter, and not wait for that generous offer.

  I am Spartacus 20:40 22 Aug 2009

Out of interest my wife recently took a ring that she's already had valued around 2004 for insurance purposes to 3 local jewellers.

18 carat ring with a 1/4 carat diamond and platinum mounts:

Independent valuation = £350

#1 = £12
#2 = £20
#3 = £45


  Stuartli 20:46 22 Aug 2009

There's at least one other firm, apart from CashforGold, advertising such a service.

I can't really see the point of sending valuables through the postal service in obvious contents packages, even though they are tracked until delivery.

You will also always have that nagging feeling that you could well have done better using the more traditional methods.

  laurie53 08:54 23 Aug 2009

Thanks for the responses.

The only reason my wife is looking at this outfit is because local jewellers are simply not offering a buying service.

The only one that is, which is itself a 100 mile round trip, is offering ridiculous prices such as £0.50 fo a pair of 9k gold earrings, or £1.50 for a 24k gold ring.

She'd rather take them to the charity shop than accept those sort of prices.

  961 09:02 23 Aug 2009

That's disappointing

We recently took a couple of old wedding rings and a pin brooch with a not very exciting stone to a local working jeweller who offered £60

He does use the gold and stones himself in repairs which may be the difference

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:02 23 Aug 2009

A close friend of mine owns 3 jewellery shops and he told me that any 'diamond' ring under £500 has a stone of little value; you are paying for the intricate mount which is fashioned to bring out the best in the stone. This is the reason that many people are disappointed when trying to cash in rings as value is only given for the scrap gold which isu usually a third of the weight of the metal.


  alan2273 17:39 23 Aug 2009

There is an interesting article in the Sunday Mail on that subject.

click here

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