Cartridges in injet printers drying out.

  MikeSA 18:34 05 Apr 2013

Is there anyway to prevent inkjet printer cartridges drying out? I have both an HP and an Canon inkjet printer which I do not use very often. Yet in both printers, the ink cartridges simply dry out. Each time that I need to replace the cartridges, it costs me an absolute packet - more than what I paid for the printers! Surely there must be a way to prevent the ink cartridges drying out. Can someone please advise.

  martd7 19:20 05 Apr 2013

for the hp just remove the cartridge from printer and clip it back in the stand it came in

alternatively print a random page each week to stop the ink drying

how long is the printer sat without being used?

  spuds 19:34 05 Apr 2013

I think that you may have answered your own question - lack of use. When an inkjet cartridge is activated, then it must be used.

Some printers if left for a short time, with do a self cleaning, and this might sort out a small problem or blockage, other times it will not.

You could try a cleaning fluid like ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL. You can get this from some chemist, but far cheaper from somewhere like Lincsbiofuels or eBay.

  spuds 19:41 05 Apr 2013

There is another method that you could try. Take the cartridge out (if it as its own printhead), put the cartridge in a plastic bag that will not destruct in warm water, seal the bag, then put it in the warm water, wait a bit, then see if any blockage as cleared. You might need to repeat this procedure a few times.

  Picklefactory 21:01 05 Apr 2013

Maybe not the cheapest alternative, but I had exactly the same issue. Decent quality Epson multi function that we very rarely printed on and the same problem of either fighting with it for an hour trying to clean up the existing cartridges or end up chucking a sometimes barely used one or two to put in yet another costly replacement. My chosen route was to shove the Epson on a shelf, semi out of the way, where it is still occasionally used for scanning only and I bought a Konica Minolta Magicolor 1600w colour laser, as no such issue with the toner. I think I paid about £80 or so and I have been very happy with the results since, no clogging, cleaning or the usual cursing any just prints beautifully every time. Also, as we are low users, I'm still using the part filled toners that it was supplied with when I bought it in February 2012

  wee eddie 03:56 06 Apr 2013

Same here, bought a Samsung CLP-325.

No ink wasted ever again, price per page reasonable, colour reproduction not quite as good as my last Canon Ink Jet, but Granny can't tell the difference.

One thing to watch out for, Ink Jet, Photo Paper will stick to the Drum and ruin the whole thing.

  alanrwood 14:19 06 Apr 2013

My experience of glossy paper is that using ink jet paper results in the toner not fusing and it just falls off the page. It did not damage my OKI 5400C. If you want gloss from a colour laser get the properc paper, It is no more expensive than the ink jet equivalent.

  BT 16:31 06 Apr 2013

With my Epson printer I follow advice I was given years ago and never switch it off. This avoids the ink wasting cleaning cycle at every switch on and the cartridges last for much longer and don't dry up. The power useage is negligible.

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