Cartridge World

  918 18:00 18 Feb 2006

Has anyone had any probs with cartridges from Cartridge world.I have just bought two from them to fit in my HP PSC 2355.
The upside is a saving of about £20.
The downside is it prints the wrong colour.
Any ideas please
Cheers 918

  ade.h 18:12 18 Feb 2006

Sounds like the same experience that my uncle is having with a second-hand HP that has carts from Catridge World. His are refills, I think. Blues are purple and yellows are green.

  918 18:17 18 Feb 2006

I have had my printer from new and always used orig gear.First and prob the last time for refills

  918 19:15 18 Feb 2006

Ade.h did your uncle take them back or what

  jack 19:52 18 Feb 2006

Cartride World is a franchise so each local outlet is an individual operation.
From what you describe they have been topping up the wrong colours. Perchance the operating instruction that they work from are incorrect.

  ade.h 19:55 18 Feb 2006

No, he inherited the carts when he aquired the printer, so there was not really any comeback. I bought him some compatibles from Choice. Problem solved.

  RobCharles1981 20:24 18 Feb 2006

No Probs for Catridge World for me, I use the Epson C86 Printer - for the 4 Catridges £21.50 saving me quite allot of money in theory...

  918 20:53 18 Feb 2006

Hi rob, thats cheered me up a bit,anyone got any ideas what it could be.

  spuds 21:07 18 Feb 2006

Funny that you should mention Cartridge World. Yesterday I was in the local franchise shop looking at some reams of paper, and there was a person returning four cartridges, requesting a refund. Apparently, they had refilled them the day before,and he couldn't get any of them to work. Fair dues to Cartridge World, they gave him an immediate refund.

Rob_23_Wales. I pay a little over a £1.00 each for compatibles for my C86.

  BT 09:04 19 Feb 2006

Compatible Cartridges for Epsons are £7.99 for 10- YES 10!- from 7dayshop

  spuds 09:18 19 Feb 2006

BT- Don't forget to add postage. Brings total for bulk supply to "little over a £1.00 each" ;o)

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