Carrera = Worst service EVER

  Roy1384 16:25 17 Feb 2004

My gripe with Carrera began as soon as I placed the order on the 30th of December. I tryed to order an Octan 2800aiw and I noticed it was cheaper than I thought it'd be so I upgraded the graphics card to a 9800PRO. At that point with all the payment details away I thought it'd be a simple case of waiting. Not so.

On the 4th of January I decided to phone up and confirm my order as I hadn't had a email confirmation which I attributed to xmas. I called at 12:30 and after being on hold for 5mins I got through and was told I would be called back within the hour guaranteed. At 2:00 I called back again, same thing "Sorry about that we shall call you within the hour". I called back at 4:00 and once again got the same thing and they wouldn't just answer my question it had to be a call back. Finally at 5:30 I got a call back where my order details where confirmed and the price and it should be with me soon, 5hrs for a can you confirm this please. It is ridiculous.

A day or 2 later I got an email saying my order price was wrong and if I wanted the upgraded graphics card I can add $150ish to the price, but in consolation I'd get a upgraded keyboard....don't I feel happy. So I was annoyed about their tactics but decided to reorder the basic pc on the 6th. I got an invoice to my address on the 18th. Then I got an email saying my card was wrong check the bank. So I did no problem at all! Emailed them back and now they say it might be there fault so I have to re-email my card details and likely reorder the pc. Nearly 3 months and counting to buy a pc.

This is shocking and left me drained and unwilling to trust their "award winning customer service" I would like them named and shamed for their lack of customer care and sneaky tactics of bumping up the cost once your interested.

  georgemac 16:36 17 Feb 2004

do not email credit card details - this is not secure and you should never have been asked to do this.

I do not think "naming and shaming" is allowed in this forum, if I were you I would simply take my custom elswhere.

  Roy1384 16:37 17 Feb 2004

I also forgot to say that when I rung up ( You have to as untill they email you saying your wrong they never reply to emails you send them first, I sent 3 and got nothing) and finally got a ring back, the guy did indeed confirm every aspect of my PC and say the price was right including the upgraded graphics. Which was good I thought as that price was advertised in 3 different place in their website.

Now I understand they were strained at christmas but these "new steps" they took surley would mean that I shouldn't be near my third month of waiting just to order a PC. Also I was very annoyed to see them accuse it, in an email, of being my fault and my cards fault especially since I saved the webpage so I could see my details and it appeared fine. Then i went to the bank and qued for an age and spoke to a representitive and they said nothing at all was wrong with my card or anything, I wasn't even sure from the mans explanation that Carrera even tryed processing my order.

Basically there service is beyond a joke.

  georgemac 17:54 17 Feb 2004

click here statement from carrera

my advice is still to take your custom elswhere - try mesh - I've recommended them to 2 people lately and both are very pleased.

  georgemac 17:57 17 Feb 2004

and on the positive side, although you've had a long wait and a bit of hassle, 3 months on you'll get a better spec'ed pc for the same cash.

You can always try emailing one of the guys on the above thread.

If they have your order cancel it if you are not happy.

  Forum Editor 18:32 17 Feb 2004

can only be described as shoddy and I'm not surprised you're annoyed - in fact I'm amazed that you persevered as long as you did, I would havew taken my custom elsewhere on that first day, when the company broke two consecutive promises to call you back. There's absolutely no excuse for that kind of thing, no matter how busy things are.

We don't operate a naming and shaming policy in our forum because we believe that each customer's experience is unique - one person's nightmare company is another's dream. What does irritate me on a personal level however is the failure of any company to put in place a basic policy for dealing with order enquiries. It isn't exactly rocket science, and suppliers should understand how damaging such incidents as this can be to consumer confidence. If you have a conversation with a member of staff and that person gives you a price confirmation that should be it - the company should honour the deal. If an employee can't get a simple thing like a product price right then he/she shouldn't be allowed to answer the phone to a customer.

I assume you've decided to go ahead with this order, and I'm sure that you'll be happy with your computer when it arrives.

  HXP 22:26 17 Feb 2004

I ended up placing an order with Mesh despite getting my last 2 PC's from Carrera - shame cos I liked their PC's. Still long waits on the sales line late quote and it put me off enough to oreder elsewhere. Suggest you do the same and when I decide on my next PC in 2 years time perhaps they will be back to providing a better service.

  tzvetomir 16:24 04 Mar 2004

Like Roy1384 I too ordered an Octan 2800AIW, on 27 January. I am still waiting, despite the money having been taken from my bank account in early February.

I have telephoned the sales department on several occassions, each time being told that there had been delays in component delivery and that they were sure rather that they built my machine carefully and tested it rigourously and that if I could bear with them etc etc. Since they used almost identical words every time I telephoned I could tell I was just being given the brush off, although they were terribly polite about it.

What annoys me is being treated like an idiot. After a lifetime in business I know that any competent company knows what how many orders they have, knows how long it takes to fulfil each order and can thus, if they choose, make a very accurate prediction as to when any individual order will be filled.

It's not so much the actual delay I object to, its just not being told what it is.

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