Carrera Warranty ?

  ray27 12:50 10 Feb 2006

I about 2 years ago I purchased a System from Carrera SSC not a budget one but the Extreme FX
I only had it for about 9 months or so and I read that, via the PC Adviser, that the company had gone bust and that the warranties were no longer valid.
One of the main reasons I went for this machine was because of the five year warranty they were offering
So can anyone tell me how when I check out the top ten systems in PC Adviser low and behold there is the same company Carrerra SSC offering systems for sale with the same five year warranty.
I have had to replace both the Cd-rw and the DVD which would have been covered by my defunct warrenty.
How can they get away with this or have I missed something

  961 14:17 10 Feb 2006

Different company, old thing. The company you bought from was not the same company that is presently in business

In case you've been away the current company with Carrera in its name is No 3 so far as I am aware

Happens every day. Try double glazing or plumbing

Just remember for the next time you buy

Don't pay for extended warranty unless it is insurance backed

Not quite happy time for the buyer is it?

  spuds 16:53 10 Feb 2006

Did you buy the 5 year warranty under a finance or credit card deal. If so, then you may still have a claim under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

  ray27 19:10 10 Feb 2006

I did pay by credit card but the waranty was not an extended one but part of the whole package
Another example of how we British are constantly being ripped off

  spuds 19:40 10 Feb 2006

If it was part of the package, then I would suggest that you have a word with your credit card company, and perhaps mention the above Act.Under that Act the credit card company or the computer finance lender will have 'Equal liability' to help resolve any issues.

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