Carrera v Mesh

  BILL ODDIE 20:51 29 Jun 2004

Looking to buy a new desk top computer system for around £1200. Come down to 2 systems.
Carrera Octan 64 Pro or the Mesh Matrix 64 3400 x-bpc. I beleave that the Carrera has 1GB as opose to 512MB on the Mesh, but the Mesh graphics card ATI Radeon 9800Pro is slightly better than the ATI Radeon 9800 SE(AIW)? I,m no expert! Tried to find the Carrera model on their Web site after reading this site test on the computer but could not find this model! Any thoughts or ideas out there? Many thanks for both good reports AND any bad.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:08 29 Jun 2004

Unless you are mad into gaming the graphics card will make no difference...even if you are a gamer I feel that there would be little noticeable difference. I would go for the 1Gb as there will be a noticeable difference to 512Mb (not huge though).


  billy 21:43 29 Jun 2004

PC Advisor just did a speed test on PCs with different memory amounts and types. I think it said more memory was better and one module was better than two.

  Ritchbee 22:55 29 Jun 2004

Try Shepley computers.
Great service etc

  961 16:23 30 Jun 2004

Sorry, but I feel it's all down to how good the company is if you have a problem and the basic differences in specification pale into insignificance.

Both companies mentioned build good and fast systems. Both have their followers. Both have their critics

I'd pick the Mesh for the graphics card and I feel that for most things 512 memory is enough and in any event easier to upgrade if it turns out to be necessary

But survey this forum for problems with after sales service

  joesoaps 16:42 30 Jun 2004

If it has to one or the other then I have to reccomend Mesh.

  rickimalone 17:11 30 Jun 2004

Yes I would go with mesh, and I would certainly go for a Radeon 9800 Pro with 512MB over a Radeon ProSE with 1GB any day.

The SE version of the card is half the price of the full version which is vastly more powerful, also you will have to be doing some really power intensive things to notice that extra 512MB RAM.

  *mark 17:17 01 Jul 2004

Ive bought machines from both and have enjoyed better hardware & customer service from Carrera.

I wouldnt worry about the very slight improved performance of the graphics card, that gig of memory will make your 'puter great at running multiple programs with little effect to overall speed.

Hope this helps,


  pipedream 20:52 01 Jul 2004

Although *mark has had a good experience, see posting above re poor Carrera service. P.S. You're not THE Bill Oddie are you?

  rickimalone 21:41 01 Jul 2004

"I wouldnt worry about the very slight improved performance of the graphics card"

This is a tad inacurate as the 9800SE is out performed by the 9600XT and can only manage 2,500-3000 3DMark03 compared to the 9800PRO averaging 5000-5750 3Mark03.

Which to anyone who knows anything about graphics cards is a very very big difference, it's like Arsenal being compared to Stoke City.

  sctang 02:09 02 Jul 2004

dont waste money, build your own

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