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  Bill12 14:51 09 Jan 2004

I purchased a top of the range computer from Carrera and took delivery on 25 Nov. After many phone about problrms an engineer arrived on 22 Dec. Despite being an on site repair warrantry he said there was more problems than he could deal with and removed it to the workshop for test,
I have not yet received any indication when and if it will be returned. I have faxed and E mailed Carrera they have all bounced! I telephoned and was promised that I would be informed what was wrong and when I could expext my computer to bwe retuned. Nothing. Any one had similar problems

  anchor 15:01 09 Jan 2004

Ummm!, even allowing for a Xmas holiday closure this does not sound good. You don`t say when you made this phone call, but if it was over a week ago, then it is time to consider serious action.

Perhaps a visit to your local citizens advice bureau might be a good idea to start things off.

  anchor 15:07 09 Jan 2004

Due to the significant increase in email to our departments we have created a email form to minimise on lost emails and emails that are not answered within a set timeframe.

*** We are currently taking on several hundred emails daily which cannot be answered within the timeframe set out below. Emails regarding order status and those directed at customer services will be disabled due to the backlog we are getting. If you do require assistance then please contact the sales line on 0871 222 3456 where you will be passed on to the correct department.***

All direct email will no longer find its way to their respective recipients, instead the details from the form below will be entered into our internal systems and is accessed by each department within 24 hours.

Please try to fill out the form with as many details as possible, if you have an order number please enter it in the field provided, this will speed up the overall process.

click here

  jerichobob 15:32 09 Jan 2004

I've just ordered a system from Carrera and this does not fill me with confidence. Maybe I should cancel and go somewhere else? Hmmmmmmm....

They've just upped the price of the system I wanted too - see Buying a PC - so I'm not exactly overflowing with goodwill towards them.

Good luck with this mate.


  anchor 15:54 09 Jan 2004

I can understand your caution; I would be cautious in your place. Certainly the experience related above does not fill one with confidence.

Only you can decide what action to take, and needs some serious thought.

  ray27 18:36 09 Jan 2004

After a horendous year trying to get a system from Mesh to work I recieved a full refund and spent it on a Carrera top of the range sytem.

Apart from the wrong monitor being supplied (the one they sent was an upgrade)I have had no problems with them at all.

I am begining to believe that luck has a lot to do with getting a new PC

I hope you get satisfaction soon

  julie13 20:42 15 Jan 2004

I ordered my pc in Nov '03 and received 22 December. It was a Christmas present and the games have only just arrived.

So far this PC has been nothing but trouble. First we received the pc and monitor having been dumped in my neighbours porch without being signed for on the 22/12/03. But no games.

Apart from many items in the system being swapped for others the whole of the games bundle did not arrive - all in all 12 games. What use is a system at Christmas without any games?

1 2" scratch to top of casing

2 No manual for TV tuner and can't set it up

3 modem connection loose - no grip

4 CD Rom jumpy

I received a replacement tower, out of the blue, yesterday. Unfortunately, after installing all the peripherals and restarting it wouldn't re-boot. Only when closed down for 24 hours did it re-boot.

After contacting Technical Support, who couldn't solve the problem, I was told to phone the warranty department who advised it needed a new hard drive.

I couldn't believe it I'd had this one for less than 24 hours.

I've now contacted them for a full refund. Have I done the right thing?

  jerichobob 11:27 16 Jan 2004

I can't even get confirmation in writing that my order is being processed!!!!!!!

  Flaco 15:32 16 Jan 2004

No msg, just adding to records for monitoring. Sorry to learn of your problems; hope it gets sorted soon.

  julie13 19:58 16 Jan 2004

Got an e-mail back from Carrera telling me they'll arrange to have it collected.

  beattyben 21:27 16 Jan 2004

Dare I say it but from bitter experience I also purchased a spec built machine from Carrera, which had several problems. I would advise anyone to e mail the managing director Mark Johansen, [email protected].

Having dealt with Mr J, thankfully things were eventually sorted and my replacement Carrera machine works well

Good luck

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