Carrera did not supply WinXP Home Disk what now?

  ray27 19:02 04 Mar 2005

I got a PC about a year ago from Carrera SSC and as everyone should know by now they are no longer with us.

I have lost all the warranty OK I can live with that but what about my copy of WindowsXP Home that is on my computer.

They did not supply me with windows XP Home on a disk as they explained to me that there was a copy of it on the hard drive and if I needed to reinstall just press F4 on start up and if in the unlikely hood that the hard drive needed replacing they would supply Windows XP Home on that as per the warenty.
They cant do that now .

I have the activation code and I must not be on my own in this has anybody else found out what we have to do?

  TomJerry 19:38 04 Mar 2005

you can get an OEM version for £60

if you prepare to do some work and also prepare to take some risks, you can make the installtion CD yourself, no big deal, all tools are freely available.

DO NOT test the produced CD on a working PC!!!!!!!!

Please backup important stuff before you try anything. You take your own risks.

(1) make hidden partition visable (files are stored in hidden partion), there are may tools for those, for example Partition Expert from Acronis or partition magic from Norton. A free version of partition expert was on PCA cover disks a few moons ago.

(2) Copy everything on hidden partion to a new location, only i386 directtory is needed actually

(3) make hidden partition invisable again, just pu back to the original situation.

(4) Download XP service pack from micorsoft

(5) Now you are ready to make your own installation CD. Again there are many tools, the simplest is nlite click here, you can also use "Bart's way to create bootable CD-Roms" click here

Important notice: Do not test the CD you produced on a working PC. This is becuase the CD produced in this way will be so called "unattended installtion CD" so it will automatically wipe everything from HDD if you boot it up from it.

  Forum Editor 20:33 04 Mar 2005

you can go out and buy your own copy of WinXP or you can make a copy of the version that's on the hidden partition. You are perfectly within the terms of your OEM licence if you do that, as long as you only use the software on the original machine - you mustn't install it on a different computer, even if the original machine is destroyed or no longer in use.

  ste_bla 20:11 05 Mar 2005

If you have the activiation code then borrow someone elses winxp CD perfectly legal as eve if OEM its the same PC and if retail you could use on a different PC

I have 3 PC's and only need 1 XP disk perfect! (they all have diff serials)

  ray27 08:32 06 Mar 2005

I have contacted Microsoft regarding supplying me with a copy but thay have refered me back to the manufacturer of the PC , even though I informed them that the company was no longer in existance.

I am not an idiot but the method sugested regarding making my own copy from my machine is beyond me.

I am retired and as such I have nobody to turn to for asistance ,there was always someone at work who new the answer.

Correct me if I am wrong but are you saying that I can borrow anyones copy of Windows XP Home and instal that as long as I use my Activation Code?

  Forum Editor 09:47 06 Mar 2005

Once you purchase a license (Product Key), you may install
Windows XP on your computer using someone else's CD. This means that you can use another OEM copy of Windows XP on your machine, but with your product key.

Microsoft will not help you because your OEM licence doesn't come with Microsoft support - it's the provider of the computer who must support OEM software under the terms of the licence - that's the whole idea behind the OEM system. It isn't Microsoft's fault when a company goes under, although I can understand your frustration. I think you might find that making your own copy of the software already on your computer is easier than you think - provided you follow the instructions to the letter.

  spuds 12:44 06 Mar 2005

You could try this method, as a suggestion. If you purchased your Carrera computer by credit card or a computer finance arrangement, then you could ask the finance provider for assistance in perhaps solving your problem. You purchased a computer with a copy of XP on the hard drive, which is becoming more the norm nowadays, and it is the usual case that the purchaser obtains these details from the hard drive.If you have any confirmation that Carrera will supply the XP disk, then you may have a case for a free cd replacement.

Regarding the warranty, and depending on the terms and conditions, again you may have a claim against the finance provider under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. But of course, if you purchased the computer by a cash or debit card transaction, then things could be much different, and your only hope could be the administrators or the new owners of the now defunct Digital Network Group.

  ray27 14:19 06 Mar 2005

Many thanks for all you advice.
As long as I can install any copy of windows xp using my activation code then it should be ok.

I hope it dosent come to that as I have had enough problems already, I had a Mesh which ended up a horror story,(2 hard drive changes and it still wouldnt work) well documented on this forum.

When I got my refund I got a Carrera machine , some days dont you think that you just cant win?
I have just spoken to my Grandson and he has a copy that was supplied to him so I will use that if I ever have to replace the hard drive

Many thanks once again for all your sound advice

  TomJerry 15:02 06 Mar 2005

as you got licence, I do not see anything wrong to make a copy of CD from the CD your mates have

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