Carrera - any good news?

  astral traveller 22:04 02 Jan 2003
  astral traveller 22:04 02 Jan 2003

There have been 2 postings and a message within a posting by users of this forum within the last few days all complaining of poor service from Carrera. It's often said that we only hear of the few occasions when companies get it wrong and not the numerous occasions when they get it right. If that's so, in this case there must be lots of forum users out there who are satisfied with Carrera service - okay, let's hear it for Carrera - anybody got any good news? I hope the answer is yes because I've ordered a PC from them due next week. Carrera if you're following these postings it would be nice for your customers to have some reassurance. I for one am becoming very worried.
If it all goes pearshaped for me you'll hear about it here - if all goes fine you'll also hear about it here. My credit card hasn't been debited yet and I'm sorely tempted to cancel (don't know if I can). Come on Carrera get your act together!

  wee eddie 22:40 02 Jan 2003

I think.

The fact that Carrera have only had a couple of negative posts, is very good news. There are always going to be a small percentage of hitches, particularly for an organisation that tries to produce cutting edge machines.

Amoung other things, at the leading edge there are often, unpredictable incompatabilities that the less adventurous manufacturers like HP and Advent never risk. Apart from these, you usually receive a computer that is 20% cheaper and 20% faster than the more timorous companies.

  astral traveller 23:16 02 Jan 2003

If receiving my PC on time as promised and in good working working order is special treatment - then yep that's what I am hoping for. The comment from me "you'll hear about it here" was targeted at forum users not Carrera - sorry if that was misinterpreted as pressure on Carrera - anyway I didn't order under the pseudonym of "Astraltraveller" so on this forum they don't know who the heck I am and therefore can't give me special treatment. If Carrera follow these postings it would still be nice to hear some reasurance.

  Andsome 09:11 03 Jan 2003
  Andsome 09:20 03 Jan 2003
  rickf 09:45 03 Jan 2003

I think the point is being missed. Of course there will always be satisfied customers and one would hope so. The point is how the situation that has arisen is not attended to when things go pearshaped. Morally and legally, when you buy something and it goes wrong it is expected that those who put themselves up to perform the service, do it. There is a contract. It is equally true that the responsibility also goes the other way. If you do not pay your bills the service would be cut off after a warning.

  Andsome 10:35 03 Jan 2003

I can't really agree that the point has been missed. The whole point is that the examples above show just what the company in question DOES or obviously DOES NOT do in the situation where a problem or problems have occured. There was a situation in one of the forums the other day, where someone had had a lot of trouble with a Time computer. Time sorted it out to the customers complete satisfaction. I have yet to see a posting on this site where the customer has been completely satisfied with Carrera's reaction to a genuine complaint. ALL company's can from time to tome supply what can best be termed a 'Friday afternoon job', the acid test is what they do about the situation. astral traveller asked if any one had had GOOD service from Carrera in response to problems. THE SILENCE HAS BEEN DEAFENING!!!!!!

  JAC828 10:52 03 Jan 2003

I agree that even the best companies can occasionally drop the ball but my "service" from Carrera has been appalling from mid November to now and still ongoing. Not only was the delivery late, they missed an agreed delivery date, eventually delivered the wrong system and have been incommunicado ever since! That is not a glitch in customer service that is a business critical failure to respond to customers, and I am not the only one to have suffered from it.

  jazzypop 11:00 03 Jan 2003

Obviously, I am the only one out the 80,000+ Forum members(?), but just for the record...

My wife's parents were looking for a basic PC for their first-ever venture into the scary world of computers. I looked around a few magazine ads, and ordered a Carrera on their behalf.

The machine was delivered at the promised time, and all was fine except for a defective modem. There was some initial confusion regarding the support telephone number - all 3 of us had somehow missed the tiny postcard advising that they had to register with the 3rd-party support company within 7 days of delivery.

I have written in a similar thread that I think that this system is completely daft - after all, Carrera know when a system has been shipped, and they should inform the support company themselves.

However, when the confusion was resolved, an engineer promptly arrived, replaced the defective modem, and everything has been fine ever since.

All in all, I have not found Carrera to have been any better or worse than other companies that I have dealt with. I would certainly consider them next time I am asked to recommend a company to buy from.

  Andsome 11:52 03 Jan 2003

Well that's one for the record, but are there any others satisfied with the service.

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