techie4me 13:10 23 Oct 2007

I've just bought a new mobile phone from Carphonewarehouse.
The service was very poor as was the salespersons product knowledge & upgrade advice.
And they are meant to be the best selling mobile shop around!

i have at one time used all the mobile phone shops, the problem is all the advice you get is based around their commission and targets.

  silverous 13:34 23 Oct 2007

I've had all kinds of problems with carphonewarehouse, but I'm not convinced any of the others are any better :)

  Forum Editor 18:58 23 Oct 2007

of my life in a branch of Carphone warehouse. I won't bore you with the details - suffice it to say I waited 30 minutes whilst the salesperson tried to work out how to use their system, and then tried to charge my card - both without any success. The senior salesperson, who had been sitting three feet away throughout the whole procedure then turned to me and said "That till isn't working - you'll have to come to me".

I didn't - I walked, and deprived them of the sale. Fifteen minutes later I walked out of Phones4U with exactly the handset I wanted (a present for my daughter's birthday), having had superb and rapid service.

  rickf 15:59 27 Oct 2007

my sentiments exactly re carphone. had a phone under warranty and they refused to replaced it with a new one w/in the warranty year. 3xs it went in and each time came back with a different fault. my friends and colleagues have been alerted to this and none of them has gone to them since. the behavaviour of their sales staff and customer service staff are beyond belief. talkin to customer service is like talking to a parrot!! i lost a lot of money in that year. never again!!

  crosstrainer 10:51 28 Oct 2007

Have given me excellent service...I deal with them direct (via the web) When they say next day delivery...I get it next day. I have not been into a mobile phone outlet for years!

  spuds 13:01 28 Oct 2007

crosstrainer-- When 02 was Cellnet (owned by 2 well known companies at the time)things like customer care could have many depressing turns. They still owe me £13.95 as a penalty charge, because I had not topped-up my mobile within a 30/60 day period :O(

  bremner 13:03 28 Oct 2007

I have had a contract with Carphone Warehoue where by I pay £25 per month rental. I then by send in every fourth bill and get £50 back making the rental effectively £12.50 per month.

CW never send the cheques out in a timely fashion.

This culminated in me sending June 07 bill in on 23/06. Having not received the bill by early August I contacted them. They said it would be sent immediately.

Having not received it by late September I rang again to be told by a very rude and condescending woman that it had been sent in early September and I had cashed it. I made it clear this was not the case and could they reissue the cheque. I was told yes but I would have to pay £35 for them to do so.

I immediately sent a formal letter to CW informing them that if I had not received the £50 by 1st November I would be going to the small claims court.

Three days after posting the letter I received a terse text message telling me the cheque had been posted. A week later it arrived. No explanation no apology.

This contract ends in February it will not be renewed and I will not be returning to Carphone Warehouse.

  Forum Editor 13:17 28 Oct 2007

isn't that their till was on the blink - that can happen to anyone - it was that the person serving me didn't seem to have a clue about how to sell a phone. He lacked knowledge about the products, and more or less said 'it's up to you to find out' when asked about technical aspects of a handset, but worst of all he couldn't work out how to use the screen in front of him, and kept asking his colleague - interrupting that person's conversation with another customer by doing so. He did this four times, and I could see the other customer getting decidely tense about it.

In the end I ran out of patience - something that should have taken ten minutes had taken half an hour, and still there was no transaction - the man tried to charge my card and failed; despite the fact that I had entered my PIN and seen 'authorised' on the terminal screen he took my card and tried to swipe it again. I envisaged two charges, and stopped him, at which point the colleague turned to me and made his comment about the till not working.

That's when I took my card and walked - having made sure that the card transaction was void first. Three other customers waiting in the shop looked as if they might be about to do the same. It was an object lesson in how not to run a retail phone outlet, and I lay the blame squarely at the feet of whoever is responsible for staff training at CarPhone Warehouse. It's inexcusable.

  MrBen CI:-) 13:56 28 Oct 2007

I changed my phone last week, did lots of market research on line and went into CarPhone Warehouse to buy the said phone.

The service was very poor so much so if it had not been for the deal on the phone i would have walked out.

Perhaps The CarPhone Warehouse are trading on old glory, doubt i will shop with them again.

  lisa02 14:04 28 Oct 2007

I know more about the phones than any of the staff at any of the retailers so that's one area I have never had a problem with.

Carphone are the best IMO for buying handsets. I have 2 sim cards on PAYG. They are Vodafone and o2 because the freebies with the sims beat a contract hands down. What I want is to swop the sims in and out at will. Carphone sell nearly all their handsets unlocked from the manufacturer!

If you unlock yourself or get some market stall trader to do it you void your warranty, with carphone that's not an issue as it's already unlocked. Neither are they network branded either.... which is another plus.

The last one I bought was a K810i, I explained what I was doing and the assistant got me £20 off the price on display.

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