Carphone Warehouse Repairs

  pauldonovan 11:46 09 May 2005


I didn't buy my nokia phone from Carphone Warehouse but they are approved by Nokia as a repairer.

To summarise, I left my phone with them nearly 2 months ago and they said it'd probably be 2 weeks or so.

I've spoken to perhaps 4 people there since who each assured me they'd call me back within 24 hours to give a status update - they have had to send it back to Nokia which I totally understand, but not one call back. It is also very difficult to get through to their branch repair area.

I'm now emailing their head office customer service department. A very nice person there seems genuinely concerned and has assured me that this is not typical, however I had to smile when, despite assuring me "this is certainly
not indicative of the normally high standard of service we are proud to provide" and telling me how much they spend on training and customer service, then went on to admit:

"Having also tried to contact the Cheapside branch via telephone, I am still
unable to get through to them. However, please be assured that you will be
notified once progress has been confirmed with this branch."

They can't get in touch with their own branch but assure me this isn't typical!!!!!

I'll wait to hear but just wanted to warn others because your warranty is with Nokia, the repair is by an Agent who really has no obligation to me to provide a good service as far as I can see. There's no stick really with which to beat them as Nokia is the party who has the responsibility. What happens if 6 months go by?!!

  pavvi 00:13 30 Sep 2005

How did you get on? Did everything get sorted?

  pauldonovan 09:47 30 Sep 2005

...I got the phone back repaired. It seems like a long time ago now but I wouldn't buy from CPW or get a phone repaired there if I could help it going forward. 2 months+ to fix a phone, and not returning calls, and not giving updates. OK so the fault was with Nokia and I didn't buy from CPW, but they shouldn't offer a service if they can't deliver it to reasonable expectations.

  jack 11:03 30 Sep 2005

Whilst getting repairs done under warranty or a fairly new item may seen obvoius- when out of warranty it hardly seems worth while.
My 3 year old phone went on the blink, and CPW said OK to send for repair but cost would be in region of
£45 or with no guarantee of success- as my need are for a 'basic brick' a new one for £40 seemed the best option.

  pauldonovan 11:47 30 Sep 2005

..this wasn't out of warranty, it was within warranty...not sure if you are just making a general observation?

  jack 12:11 30 Sep 2005

You are right Paul just a generality

  oresome 18:33 30 Sep 2005

The only experience I have of a phone repair within warranty is that of my daughters phone.

It was collected by courier the day after reporting the fault and was returned repaired 2 days later. Excellent service by any standard.

  pauldonovan 18:57 30 Sep 2005

Maybe you are paying for that level of service each month in some kind of protection/insurance plan. I don't think that is that common. I wasn't expecting that level of service, just not 2 months without phone and lots of broken promises. Anyway, I must get over it was a long time ago :)

  pavvi 00:36 02 Oct 2005

...then it was sent to Nokia themselves to repair. You should have been kept more up to speed with it, but the manufacturers can be a law unto themselves. CPW have reviewed the position regarding repairs like this and have stated that if the manufacturer do not repair it within 28 days they replace the handset and invoice the manufacturer for the cost. Getting any sort of response from the manufacturers is sometimes rather like getting blood from a stone. Nokia are generally better than most but they themselves aren't perfect. If ytou have an issue with a phone under warranty, go to your nearest carphone warehouse express repair centre where they can often fix a phone on the spot providing they have the parts and an engineer on duty....

  oresome 12:46 02 Oct 2005

No it wasn't Carphone Warehouse.

I just related it to show what good service should be like. The phone wasn't under any extra maintenance cover. My daughter simply contacted her service provder and the Motorola phone was collected and repaired as described. It was a contract phone, not a pay as you go and the service provide looses revenue whilst you're unable to make calls of course.

  pauldonovan 13:19 02 Oct 2005

Thanks pavvi, do you work for CPW? You seem to know a lot about them. Glad to know they've reviewed things. I did mention in my original post it was away to Nokia for repair, that wasn't the issue, it was the time and the communication (or lack of it, or broken promises) in between that was the issue. Maybe i'll try them again next time.

Oresome> Can I ask who it was that did this? This is a good advert for their services.

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