Carphone Warehouse-Disreputable Practice?

  zander8 21:28 30 Dec 2007

Hi All,

I would appreciate your views on the following. I wanted to replace my aging and temperamental Nokia mobile so while out shopping yesterday I called into ‘The Carphone Warehouse'. Saw a phone I liked click here and so queued up for 30 minutes to buy it. The display board in the shop said it was £29-95 when bought with £10 of airtime. When I reached the till the sales assistant pulled it up on his till/computer and said it was £39-95 if you also bought £10 of airtime and paid with a credit card or £39-95 and you had to also buy £20 of airtime if paying by cash. I said that it was wrong to advertise an incorrect price and that they were obliged to sell it at the advertised price. They then said that their brochure states that prices are subject to fluctuation. I said that they should therefore alter the incorrectly displayed price immediately and was told they don’t have to because of the disclaimer in the brochure. I told them that I was sure trading standards would take a dim view of this practice but the assistant was emphatic that they were covered in law. This surely is twaddle as any shop could put a wrong price on view just to tempt customers in. I was in town again today and it’s still on show at £29-95.

  zander8 21:34 30 Dec 2007

Sorry, Should have mentioned I wanted to go on Vodaphone as I was already with them.


  Kaacee 21:38 30 Dec 2007

why not buy it online at the advertised price of £29.95 that is unless due to their sales patter you are no longer interested in getting from CW, i would just walk out and take my business elsewhere, lots of competion out there.

  Kaacee 21:40 30 Dec 2007

Phones4u £29.95 INCLUDING £10 airtime........

  Kemistri 21:44 30 Dec 2007

"...they were obliged to sell it at the advertised price." That is a commonly held misconception.

  zander8 21:44 30 Dec 2007

Fair comment. As the online price is the same as the displayed shop price it would be interesting to know if you could buy it online for £29-95. Personally, I will go elsewhere. Looking at Argos at the moment.

  zander8 21:53 30 Dec 2007

Thanks for the 'Phones4U' input.

  harps1h 07:37 31 Dec 2007

the price displayed is only "an invitation to treat" and the retailer is not compelled to sell it at that price. however as a matter of goodwill many will sell at the displayed price and change it afterwards, more so in the independant market where customer is of upmost importance.

  ICF 07:57 31 Dec 2007

Have look at click here

  zander8 13:15 31 Dec 2007

Thanks to everyone for their input. However, which ever way you look at it, it's disreputable. The phone is advertised in the shop at £29-95 plus £10 of airtime giving a total cost of £39-95. This is clearly stated. The true cost is £49-95 paying by credit card or £59-95 paying with cash. I'm not hard up for a tenner, it was just the principle and the smug 'take it or leave it' look on the sales assistants face.


  ICF 14:53 31 Dec 2007

Yes I agree with you.The price shown in the shop should be the price you pay at the till.
Report them to trading standards and wipe that smug look the sales assistant gave you from your memory.
It's easy to do nothing.

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