Car service 'extras' doubled the cost

  Graham. 19:51 07 Apr 2009

Had my 2 year old Corsa serviced today at the Vauxhall dealer. I was given a cost of £209.

I received a phone call stating other work was needed - air conditioning de-bug, tracking, rear brake service and new front brake pads.

This would take the bill to £520. I didn't agree to them doing it at first, but then he said he could apply a discount on parts which would mean a total bill of £420. So I thought, if it needs doing..., and agreed.

As it's only done 11,600 miles, I think I've been taken for a ride. Any thoughts, please?

  interzone55 20:06 07 Apr 2009

Your brakes should last more than 11,600 miles unless you're a boy racer.

The air-con probably did need a re-charge & new filter after two years.

  Clapton is God 20:08 07 Apr 2009

"I think I've been taken for a ride"

I believe that is the basic purpose of a car

  oresome 20:26 07 Apr 2009

The very fact that the price could be reduced by £100 when you baulked would raise my suspicions.

I never had disc pads or brake shoes fitted on my last car in 5 years of ownership and around 45,000 miles.

  megapack 20:55 07 Apr 2009

I used to own a Corsa about five years ago. I only did about 6000 miles a year and had it serviced at a Vauxhall chain in my area. The service bill was always £400 to £500. A colleague at work also had a corsa and had the same issue. The state the car came back made me think I was being ripped off big time.

I then brought a new Ford and the bill has never been more than £300 a year including the MOT.

  Graham. 21:27 07 Apr 2009

It's made me re-think my policy of buying new every three years just for the warranty (you have to have it serviced for it to remain in force).

I might as well buy a 3 year old Jag and drive around in comfort for the same price.

  SB23 22:17 07 Apr 2009

I own a 12 year old Astra, and my wife an Escort.

The most expensive bill I've ever had was a new timing belt kit which cost £65+vat, and that included fitting 3 years ago.
I'm not a mechanic by trade, but have just bought filters for oil and air, with plugs and 5ltrs of oil with change out of £45. The reason being my car is in need of care and attention.

I got "stung" 22 years ago, never again.

  Stuartli 22:19 07 Apr 2009

I was once told, whilst having an oil and filter change on a VW Jetta, that there was a leak at the base of the oil sump.

Intrigued, I asked to be shown the evidence. Some oil was visible.

I gently pointed out that the Jetta, my second of that model, never used any oil in between changes and that my light grey flagged forecourt was oil drip free.

That had been the case as well with the first Jetta, which had 66.5k on the clock when I bought it, along with my current Bora. All three had/have done at least 70k.

Not surprisingly the mechanic who raised the point quietly disappeared to another area of the workshop and the oil and filter change was done by a colleague.

Garages know that some people will fall for such tales, which is why it is all the more important to find a garage or repair shop that you know to be honest and decent.

They are out there if you are prepared to seek them out.

  PalaeoBill 23:00 07 Apr 2009

I would go with Stuartli's suggestion and change your Vauxhall dealer.

I was once told that there was an oil leak in the shock absorbers and I should change them. Fortunately my father was with me and pointed out (quite forcibly) to the mechanic that the shocks were gas not oil and had no oil in them to leak out. We couldn't prove it but my father was certain the lad had put a bit of oil under the rubber on the shock.

  Graham. 23:31 07 Apr 2009

Thanks, I may not go back to Vauxhall after this.

  BT 07:50 08 Apr 2009

I believe that it is no longer necessary to have your car serviced by the main dealer now to maintain your guarantee.

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