Car Insurance with Co-operative Motor Insurance

  Mary_S 19:56 13 Jan 2011

Hi guys,

I have been calling around to get the best premium on my car insurance for this year and have found that the Co-operative will offer me the best price.

Quite a bit cheaper as well, £200 cheaper than my next best quote and £500 cheaper than my 3rd best quote.

As I don't know much about car insurance and live by when something is too good to be true it usually is, I would much appreciate it if some of you can look over their policy documents for me ....

click here

Of course I am going to review it myself tonight but I'm sure some of you will be able to spot some things better than me and could advise me if I'm making a mistake.

I do doubt it, obviously they are a repuatbale company and first impressions of what the policy covers seems good enough.

So yeah, any advice be greatly appreciated

Thank YOu

  spuds 20:28 13 Jan 2011

I purchased vehicle insurance from the Coop last year via a comparison website. This year the renewal was approximately 20% more, which isn't to bad (about £1.00 per week) including tax, compared to what other insurance companies are asking their policyholders.

  john 52 20:44 13 Jan 2011

Mary the co-operative insurance are a really good company and give very good customer service . I have used them for many years .

It may interest you but the co-op have a membership scheme were you have a card and if you use it you get a credit as a percentage of what you spend on Insurance, banking,and at the Co-op electrical on-line the link is below

click here

The only thing I would stress make sure the questions are answered correctly on the proposal form as it is easy to make a mistake and think something is not important .
I would also point out like many other insurers if you make a change mid term of your policy they may make an administration charge and if you cancel before the full 12 months are up they will charge short period rate of insurance as an example after 6 months you will be charged 60% of the policy rate

  spuds 20:49 13 Jan 2011

Perhaps worth a mention, but for an optional £40.00 you can get comprehensive vehicle breakdown cover. If you haven't got vehicle breakdown cover, then this addition is very cost saving.

  john 52 20:57 13 Jan 2011

Also if you car is in for repair due to a claim and you take it to there appointed repair they will provide a courtesy car for you .

You can pay a small premium and a hire car will be provided if your car is stolen or is a write off

  ICF 20:58 13 Jan 2011

Try LV click here

This is the company I went with after my car fire

  Mary_S 22:21 13 Jan 2011

This is why it is also a good idea to review things at your own lesiure before signign up to anything.

I'm still going to take up the policy but the amount of excess i will be payying is more than the impression I had after the phonecall.

I beleived my excess was £100 (compulsory) + £150 volantary but in page 5 of their document it clearly in addition the two i mentioned i will also have to pay another excess of £150 based on the age, taking my total excess for a claim upto £400 which is alot, and £150 more than what I thought it was.

Oh well, their premiu i sstill ~£200 cheaper than my next best quote where if i remeber corrct was a £350 excess.

I have included courtesy car and legal expenses in my premium but chose against the breakdown cover as I already have cover with AA.

  Forum Editor 22:55 13 Jan 2011

about the Co-op courtesy car option is that it provides a car 'subject to availability', whereas other companies (Direct Line is one) offer a guarantee of a courtesy car.

A small point perhaps...until your car is off the road for a week and there's no courtesy car available.

It's all about risk assessment, and it's a personal thing. I looked at the Co-op as well (my policy is due for renewal in a couple of weeks), and their premium was attractive. In the end I bullied my current insurer, with whom I've had cover for quite a few years, into matching the price, but they put up a fight.

It's a minefield, and it's definitely worth picking over the fine detail, as you're doing.

  Mary_S 23:18 13 Jan 2011

hi fe,

good point regarding car courtesy. i iwll have to give that extra thought. Just looked at the documents for my asda quote and the excess in total would be £200.
Asda is about £200 more premium but after the event of a single claim would be the same and after the event of two claims would be cheaper.

However, as it is impossible to predic thwther a claim will be made and how many , it would be better to pay a lower premium and hopefully jno reason to make a claim right??

  birdface 23:23 13 Jan 2011

On the news tonight that they are looking into the way some insurance company's can gain access to the prices used by other insurance firms.
That way they are all charging about the same.
In other words a price fix.
I forget the name of the Company that is looking into this.
It wants the prices that any insurance company charge not to be available to any other company.
Obviously the word price fix was not used.
But they want to stop this as it gives company's an unfair advantage when charging for insurance premiums.
I noticed this last year when renewing my insurance that most insurance companies that I contacted all managed to charge about the same.
lets hope that there is some big hefty fines imposed on them.
Some of the insurance companies were named so maybe a good idea staying away from them when your insurance needs renewed.

  spuds 23:42 13 Jan 2011

When you check your Asda quote, look for the company or insurance company that is the administrators of the policy.

You may well find the same insurance company giving different prices and terms for different supermarkets or comparison companies.

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