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  Mary_S 22:29 11 Jan 2011

Hi Guys,

I don't know much about car insurance so I seek advice.

My car insurance has gone up by 400% from last year. I was cited 3 reasons for this.
1) Car INsurance is generally up by 30% compared to last year.
2) I was insured with NIG who last year where owned by Royal Bank Scotland who where able to give insurance for 40-50% less than current market rates. They can no longer do that anymore.
3) And this is where I need the advice is because I have made a claim.

Last year my car was vandalsied with spray paint so we made a claim. Now we have 10 years no claim bonus and the no claims bonis is PROTECTED.

However, I was told that as the insurers where not able to recoup the money from the the other party some of this cost has been added to my premium which of course explains why mine has gone up by so much. He said, if they had caught the guy who did it then they would have been able to claim off him.

So 2 things;
1) Are they allowed to add this to my premium for that reason even tho my no claims is protected?
2) When i get quotes from other insureres .. am I legally obliged to answer 'yes' when asked have you made a cliam in the last year.

As far as Im concerned I have had my no claims bonus protected so the incident I claimed off should not effect the renewal quote or quote I get from other insurers.

Please do advise ...



  Woolwell 23:04 11 Jan 2011

1. Go back about the no claims protection and ask them to reconsider.
2. You are obliged to answer yes to any other insurer. If they found out that you had given the wrong response then your insurance could be void.

My commiserations. You've had tough luck.

  Woolwell 23:05 11 Jan 2011

ps Was the spray paint incident reported to the police?

  Mary_S 23:11 11 Jan 2011

Hi Woolwell,
I am dealing with a broker. Perhaps i mislead in my first description. NIG can no longer offer me car insurance. The quote given to me by the broker is with another insurer.
Should this make a difference? If it's a new insurer they have given me a quote with than they surely would not include the cost of the incident as that was payed by the previous insurer. Right??

The incident was not reported to the police. I was on holiday for 6 weeks and do no know when during that time the incident occured.

  Forum Editor 23:14 11 Jan 2011

has no bearing on the premium amount, it simply means that if a claim is made on your policy you will not lose the no-claims benefit when the next renewal is due.

In this instance you made a claim, and your bonus is still protected. The insurers are recovering some of their cost from you because a third party cannot be traced, so they have nobody to claim against.

Try some gentle pressure on your insurers, they may be prepared to compromise in return for a policy renewal. MY wife has just succeeded in getting a premium reduction for her renewal, just by calling and suggesting that she was going to insure with someone else.

  Forum Editor 23:18 11 Jan 2011

with your previous insurer.

It's still worth trying to negotiate, especially if you have a 10 year no-claims record. You must notify a new insurer about the claim.

  Mary_S 23:28 11 Jan 2011

Hi FE,
Yes sorry I should have made that clearer initially.
So if I tell an insurer I have made a claim they will increase my premium, even if i was not insured with them before?
The broker said NIG where not able to recoup the money off the other party so it was added to my premium but the new quote he has given me is with a new insurer, who did not pay any costs, so I don't understand why a new insurer is adding that to my premium?

So really a no claim bonus protection only works if they where able to recoup the money from the other side otherwise they just add a large chunk of it to your premium next year?

  spuds 23:45 11 Jan 2011

I would suggest that you check out the protected terms and conditions on your policy. Most protected parts are for a limited amount of claims, before the protected part ceases, which might be 3 or 5 claims depending on insurer.

Insurance companies are becoming more unfriendly, and some no longer cover for vandalism, which spray paint on a vehicle might not be covered. In your case it would appear that the claim was met, even though the insurance had no claim against a third party.

I would offer two suggestions. Go back to your previous insurance company and ask them for full details about your previous policies terms and conditions regarding the claim made, and what your transfer no-claim bonus should be. The next I would do, is go on the internet and look up some comparison websites. Declare your protected no claims entitlement, and also inform them that you made a claim for vandalism.

Not reporting the incident to the police was perhaps a bad move, because insurance companies like police involvement or at least a crime incident number.Perhaps more so, if someone cannot be held responsible.

  timsmith259 00:21 12 Jan 2011

Try looking at go compare for insurance and see what quotes you get from there you bound to find something cheaper.

  Chris the Ancient 09:25 12 Jan 2011

I found that was easier to use.

  canarieslover 09:43 12 Jan 2011

I know its a bit cheeky but I went to Go Compare and got a quote. When I tried that insurance company without going through Go Compare I saved a further £40. Are they paying the search sites a fee and that is the extra saving I made?

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