Car Batteries

  bluto1 19:37 29 Oct 2008

Does anyone know of any on line dealers in car batteries? I've googled for this and while there are quite a few, I thought I'd ask here as you may have good or bad personal experiences.
Your help appreciated.

  Condom 19:57 29 Oct 2008

Kwik Fit have always been my No1 choice for car batteries. I have only ever had one problem with a battery from them and they immediately replaced it without any quibble. Also good friendly service and readily available in most areas. Price was OK too so what more could you ask for?

  bluto1 20:03 29 Oct 2008

Thanks Condom. I was thinking of KwikFit just a few moments ago. Price is fairly important, so I'll phone them tomorrow AM.

  Stuartli 20:23 29 Oct 2008

Delivery costs for a battery are quite high due to the weight.

If you have a Partco or similar motor factors in your area give them a ring and ask for a quote.

It will probably be the lowest price available - I paid £57 for my last car battery from Partco earlier this year, which was at least £20 under the prices quoted by Halfords and the local VW dealership.

  Covergirl 20:27 29 Oct 2008

. . . Halfords calcium batteries very good. More power than lead acid but they are a bit dearer - although you do get what you pay for. Cheaper in the long run and more reliable to boot.

I consider them top notch. I've had so called "heavy duty" batteries from budget tyre dealers but they don't really cut the mustard.

Also, keep your receipt with Halfords - calciums have a 4 year guarantee - I've had a slightly suspect one (and 3 other good ones) and they replaced it no quibble - just a quick test with their meter tool and anything slightly suspect, they'll take it back and replace it with one from stock.

Therefore, it's good practice to go in after 3 and a half years and get them to check it - just in case. Know what I mean ?

Obviously, shop around - phone for quotes and have some prices ready - often places like Hi Q, ATS, Kwik Fit and National will do you a deal. Not Halfords though - the price on the shelf is generally the price you pay. Someone will prove me wrong on that one though, wait and see. It'd be nice to know you can haggle with Halfords though, so go ahead.

  bluto1 21:01 29 Oct 2008

Thanks for your input. Yes, delivery costs are high, and those that have free delivery compensate with higher prices. The battery I want has got to be inexpensive, ie within a reasonable price range. It has also got to be of certain dimensions, as I found out 15 mins ago. A friend brought a battery around for me to use as a spare and it wouldn't fit, or the + and - poles were out of range of the appropriate cables. They couldn't reach the poles. So, now I know I have to take the car to have a battery fitted. It'll be one of the places you named, Covergirl.
I'd better enjoy this glass of red!!!!!

  Covergirl 22:04 29 Oct 2008

I usually say "have you got a battery to fit a XXXXX and how much" or check the guides in Halfords. There are thin round posts, thick round posts, square flat ones, + & - reversed, wide apart, narrow . . . etc.

Best bet for you is a motor factors as Stuartli suggests. TMS (North England) and Partco are usually handy. You'll probably have some local independents too.

Let us know how you get on.

Homebrew ginger for me tonight !! Tempranillo now out of stock.

  peter99co 22:18 29 Oct 2008

I did not know a battery was left or right handed until I needed one for a Land Rover and found the positive and negative at opposite ends to the battery I had on board. They had to phone another branch to get one the other way round. I had the same problem with 100 amp Caravan replacement.

  birdface 23:53 29 Oct 2008

Phone around.The Price of batteries now would frighten you.I got mine £20 cheaper doing it that way.

  spuds 00:38 30 Oct 2008

I find these people very good click here They may well have a local branch in or near to your area.

Their own branded batteries are made by a very well known world-wide respected company, and usually have a lifetime warranty.

  BT 16:46 30 Oct 2008

The one thing that no-one has mentioned is that Kwikfit batteries are guaranteed for life (as long as you own the car that is),or at least they used to be. I had one replaced under that guarantee once after about 4 years.

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