can't open 'Orange' PDF bill

  Seth Haniel 10:14 28 Sep 2007

no that Orange charge for itemised bills - the option is to get the bills on-line for no cost - but they are in PDF format - and on selecting either open or download both come with same error either incorrect header or email attachment corrupt - download again -

anyone else having this problem

have emailed Orange and their auto responce suggests bill enquiries at 50p per minute

  Seth Haniel 11:55 29 Sep 2007

and it is a fault they know about with no solution in sight - I have been trying to access for over a month now but they cannot give me a date for it to be running - :(

  Seth Haniel 13:44 30 Sep 2007


  Chaz10 22:47 01 Oct 2007

I get the same problem if its any help to you, nowt we can do at the moment

  tullie 22:47 01 Oct 2007

DUH! lol

  Woolwell 23:47 01 Oct 2007

I get an itemised bill so hadn't tried looking on-line. Get the same error message. If this problem has been around for a month then it is unacceptable. FE was speaking to Orange about problems some while ago perhaps he could raise this problem too.

  Consternoon Aftable 00:22 02 Oct 2007

My monthly Orange bill is £35. However, this month is £100.Until I Get an itemised bill I can only guess as to how they arived at that figure.At least I now know the download issue is with orange not me

  Bald Eagle 07:42 02 Oct 2007

I use orange out here in Brittany. The problems I've had were cured by using FOXIT not ADOBE and if I access using FIREFOX it cures lots of these sort of problems.


  Seth Haniel 08:24 02 Oct 2007

these are zero length PDF files - ie no content - I even used pdf repair programs on them before realizing - there was nothing to recover.

That is where the fault is on their online account

I have every itemised bill for over 12 tears as they were the only phone company offering free itemised billing - they started charging me two months ago without any notice - when challenged they said it had been chatged since christmas - till they looked at my bills and saw it wasn't - and so refunded the charge - but I had to agree to change to their free online account - which of course is not working (and looking at it has never been) and as with Consternoon Aftable I have just changed service plans and wanted to know where some charges had arisen -

Not too good i'm afraid

  Seth Haniel 08:30 03 Oct 2007

27/9/07 email to Customer Support - auto acknowledged
2/10/07 Email Reply
We are sorry to hear that you have been experiencing problems when trying to view your Orange bills on-line.
Orange is aware of an on-line view bill problem that is affecting some of our customers, however, this is currently being investigated by our Technical Support Department as a high priority.
Should you wish to be sent a copy of your recent bill, while this is being resolved, please confirm by mail providing a contact number so that we can call you and arrange a copy of your bill to be sent to you free of charge.
We trust this information is helpful, however, we apologise for any inconvenience caused.
Customer Support

  Seth Haniel 15:24 04 Oct 2007

well mine is !!!! on-line itemised bill there at last.
so will tick thread ;0

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