Can't Choose between Samsung monitors

  aaronmcc 13:32 20 Apr 2009

Wondering if anyone could help me?

I know relatively little about this stuff so I thought I would try and ask here. I'm buying a new monitor and was planning on purchasing either the Samsung T220 for £147 or Samsung SM2333SW for £152.

The only thing that's really important for me is getting the best value for money and since they are pretty much the same price I cannot decide. Does anyone have an opinion?


  iqs 14:46 20 Apr 2009

You cant fault any Samsung monitor(in my opinion).

I have the Samsung Syncmaster 2233bw 22"W/S,cant fault it.

Have you read the reviews on this forum?.

  aaronmcc 15:04 20 Apr 2009

I can't seem to find any reviews of these specific products on the site anywhere.

  Si_L 15:10 20 Apr 2009

I don't think you can lose this one, both look like excellent monitors, and you are right, the spec is very similar. In the end, I guess it comes down to your preference on the looks. The T220 has a red tinge to it which would irk me but if you like it then go for it. Remember this is the part of your PC you will be staring at, make sure its a good looking one. My preference would be for the SM2333, you get an extra inch too.

  aaronmcc 17:22 20 Apr 2009

Thanks iqs and Si. I think I'm going with the sync master rather than the touch of colour. Getting it from as they seem to be cheapest and have lots of awards for performance.


  iqs 18:36 20 Apr 2009

I have not regrets about buying mine.Cant fault the picture,nor the style.

  Stuartli 18:40 20 Apr 2009

I've always preferred to look at the screen.....:-)

  The Moog 20:17 20 Apr 2009

I have the T220 and just cannot fault it - highly recommended!

  Goliht 13:20 25 Apr 2009

Poor Moog, the months you're about to spend on the phone complaining to samsung, getting nowhere and wondering why you've spent all that money.

Samsung monitors look pretty, last about 3.1 years.

The T series Monitors are good IF and it's a very big IF you get the right panel in the one you buy. IF you get one with the wrong panel and you've got about a 72% chance of this per purchase. You're gonna be on that horn screaming at Samsungs OAIT who'll then explain to you nicely that you're gonna be waiting 3 months for a replacement that won't work for more than 2 weeks. Why? because theres a reason why samsung monitors are cheap.

Want a decent monitor? Buy LG or something, my LG is now 5 years old, has worked flawlessly, my brothers LG is 5.5 years old, never failed once.

Research the unit, type into google the model code followed by the word complaint. If you don't find any posts, buy the monitor.

  [email protected] 00:18 26 Apr 2009

Just curious, where do you get your very precise figures from?

  The Moog 12:50 26 Apr 2009

It would appear there is a lot of bitterness in that there post.

I like the way the very precise figures - "3.1 years" (why that's 1131.5 days... assuming there is not a leap year in the mix. If there is, do I get longer to spend with my soon to expire T220?) and the "72%" and so on.... are followed up with:

"Want a decent monitor? Buy LG or something"

"Or Something"???!?

Now that's not very precise, is it?

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