CanonScan 8000F

  Trepan 20:39 12 Jan 2007

I require the top cover of the lid for the above due to the mounts on this plastic item to which the metal hinges are screwed have broken away. The reason is not misuse but due to the hinge bolts self tightening over time - 2 years old - so tight that the plastic moulded hinge mounts have broken away.

The top cover is held to the bottom half of the lid, which contains the lamp for the Film/Slide part of the scanner, by 6 small screws - so one would think that one can order a new top half of the lid and replace it, simple really.

After a couple of phone calls I was directed to the official Canon Spares and Repair dealer who quoted me £129.44 for a complete lid because "Canon only supply a complete assembly" WHAT another call to Canon so my details have been taken and the "Complaints team will assess the situation and get back to me" Any bets on what the outcome will be?

  STREETWORK 20:50 12 Jan 2007

50% off?

  Trepan 15:32 01 Feb 2007

Matter resolved - not without several phone calls to Canon though, apparently located in ROMANIA of all places!

After being told that the "Complaints Team" would deal with it within 5 working days - that is their "completion" target time - no one called me, so another call was made and this time I was "assured" that "you (yes that was the word used)complaint would be escalated to the very highest level" and guess what - still no response, even at such a "highest level" So after considerable time talking to the same person - maybe they only have one! I was promised a call back from the "person responsible" and yes I was called back and told that Canon do not control spare parts pricing that is down to the agent and Canon have no influence over this activity, which I find very strange indeed, therfore they would be unable to help me, despite agreeing with my plight. Seemed like brick walls and barrell's were the order of the day - until this very helpful young lady said she would get someone to check in the warehouse to see if they had a second hand cover - yes they did and it was sent on the understanding that it might not work and if not then my only option was to either chuck the scanner away or fork out £129.44.
The item was sent FOC as a matter of goodwill and I can now say all is well and calm plus my scanner is as good as new.

There must be a moral somewhere in this story, perhaps it is about being firm but polite and thanking those involved for their effort, even those who did nothing but follow the party line!

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