canon,epson or hp?

  w.squirrel 12:50 31 May 2003

I want to get a decent printer for under £90. What are the pros and cons of these makes?
Some people say get one with the printhead in the cartridge. Does that matter?
I need reliability and cheap running costs. I want good graphics and text, and photo quality if I can at this price.

  jazzypop 15:47 31 May 2003

You will find supporters of all three manufacturers - hardly surprising, as they all make good printers.

My preference is for HP, fwiw.

The general rule of thumb at the moment is that the less you pay for the printer, the more you pay for the ink cartridges, and vice versa.

I suggest that you go to somewhere like, see what they offer for about £90, and then use Google for comparative reviews.

You should be able to get what you want at that price, but look carefully at the 'total cost of ownership' - initial price, warranty / guarantee, cost of replacement ink, number of pages per cartridge, etc.

Don't forget that almost all printers come without a cable to connect them to the PC - if you do not have an appropriate one, remember to budget for it, as well as the cost of postage if buying online.

  User-312386 15:53 31 May 2003

HP for me as well

  -pops- 15:53 31 May 2003

As jazzypop says, there are fans for all and a cheap printer to buy is seldom cheap to run.

I'm a fan of Epson and currently use a C80. This has been superseded by the C82. You can get it for about £90.

Someone will no doubt be along soon and recommend a Canon so, you takes your choice!;-))


  Djohn 16:08 31 May 2003

Had a Epson 600 for almost three years, excellent print quality, but a bit on the noisy side, (It's with my neighbour now, still hear it on the odd occasion!).

Now have a HP 7350 that too is excellent, fast, quiet and lovely output. But as -pops- says, you'll here the same said of Canon.

Only advice I will pass on is to go for the best quality you can afford with any of the major brands. J.

  pj123 17:05 31 May 2003

Yep, I go for Epson too. I have an Epson 895 (now superceded) an Epson C70 and an Epson 880. All excellent quality printers. I get my ink from Choice Stationery at £2.50 each for the 880 and £5.00 each for the C70 and 895. Go to click here for printer prices and then go to click here for ink prices.

  w.squirrel 18:16 31 May 2003

Thanks for all the advice. But I'm still concerned about the 'printhead in the cartridge or not' issue. Does it matter?

  Djohn 18:34 31 May 2003

Well if it's attached to the printer, it will deteriorate over time, very gradual, so you will not notice it until you see print from a new printer.

If the print-head is built into the cartridge, then each time you replace for ink, you get a new print-head, one of the reasons for this type being more expensive.

got an epson good printer but its really the ink price that can get ya. The printer maybe cheep but the ink black and colour could be the price of another printer.
chek the ink price first
hope that helps

  Djohn 18:45 31 May 2003

Some of their printers, (Maybe all, not sure) give you the best of both worlds.

They have a removable print-head, that you can leave in and just change the ink-tanks, then when print quality deteriorates change the heads as well. J.

  Steinman 18:50 31 May 2003

Agree with checking of replacement costs of cartridge theory! Also as many printers do not come with a USB lead included in box you will need to buy one. DO NOT just get one straight from printer supplier shop. Have a look around. Only £1-98 here & in their stores too! click here

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