Canon S1 IS digital camera

  joelmb 19:14 30 Mar 2004

I'm looking forward to purchasing said camera in a month or two, but as its so new (was released this month) I'm waiting for some guinea pigs to test it first ;) I've only read the usual US sites dcreview /steve's-digicams so far.

So has anyone splashed out on this one yet? If so what's the verdict?

FE any plans for a review anytime soon?

  joelmb 23:43 17 May 2004

Thought I'd bump this up in case anyone has since bought this camera and has any views?!

  anchor 09:32 20 May 2004

No, have not got this camera, but Canon do make very good ones.

Another favourable review you may not have seen:

click here

Another forum dedicated to digital photography

click here

  joelmb 11:40 20 May 2004

Thanks, but the top link goes to a trance track, and whilst quite good I didnt quite see the relevance! ;)

  anchor 20:03 20 May 2004

I do not know what you mean by a "trance track".

I thought the conclusion, combined with sample pictures, was most relevant.


Canon's S1 combines capable automatic digital photography with some really advantageous features. The optical zoom was as powerful as I expected, although I personally found it as useful for capturing candid-style photos of friends and family, or easy close-ups of small objects, as I did for zeroing in on distant subjects or scenes. (I strongly recommend the S1 for parents who want to snap digital shots of their kids; with its telephoto zoom lens, it's a fantastic way to capture a moment without getting close enough to intrude upon it.) And the Image Stabilizer did a wonderful job of correcting for my unsteady shooting style.

Colors were bright and edges were crisp, thanks to Canon's renowned DIGIC processor and accompanying technologies; I didn't have noticeable problems with fringing or noise. The S1's autofocus was sophisticated enough to produce the kinds of images I love, with an in-focus subject in the foreground and a pleasingly out-of-focus background. The S1 handled lower-light shooting exceptionally well — I especially liked the Slow Shutter setting. And build-wise, I appreciated the smooth, silent, zoom motor, the solid body and the flip-out LCD.

  joelmb 21:48 20 May 2004

Thanks anchor, that's a good review. I'll definitely be parting with my cash now.

(When I tried it yesterday the top link opens real media player and plays a trance dance music track! It works again now though. Must have been some error with tinyurl I guess.)

Anyway thanks!

  anchor 19:50 21 May 2004

You are welcome joelmb.

Please post back with your opinions when you have tried out the camera.

  joelmb 16:04 16 Jun 2004


  hugh-265156 00:53 17 Jun 2004

this is a fantastic site for camera reviews click here

you will be able to view,download,print and compare shots taken with this camera against others. it gets a nice review also.

  joelmb 23:13 01 Jul 2004

Love the reviews. Anyone actually got this camera yet? ;)

  joelmb 11:25 18 Mar 2005

I've had said camera for just under a year now, it is quite simply superb. (this is just to 'esolve' this post btw).

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