Canon printer print head rip off

  beithie 18:16 15 Jun 2009

Having bought a Canon S830d for sound economic and environmental reasons ( i can buy the ink tanks separately) I now find it almost impossible to buy a replacement print head. Suppliers tell me that Canon is restricting supply and also constantly increasing prices to encourage me to buy a new printer.
Obviously this makes me less likely to buy a canon printer!!

  961 19:28 15 Jun 2009

Always buy an ink jet where the print head comes in the cartridge, e.g. HP

Any ink jet where the print head is part of the machine is bound to fail earlier and, as you have found out, that's how they make their dosh

  Al94 19:35 15 Jun 2009

In my experience they dont fail, they get clogged. I used to trake mine out of the cannon printer, soak them in a saucer of tepid water, dry on kitchen roll and they worked again till the next time.

  interzone55 20:50 15 Jun 2009

Compare the price of HP cartridges with Canon ink tanks - I think you'll find your HP printer costs you a whole lot more before a Canon customer has to buy a new print head...

  The Kestrel 21:35 15 Jun 2009

I had the same problem with a Canon printer a year or so ago. Tried various ways to clean the print head, including Al94's method without success. As the printer was only 1 month out of warranty, I contacted Canon direct. They would not budge on repairing or replacing the printer, but offered to sell me a new print head for more than the whole printer cost originally. Result was that I ditched the Canon and now have an Epson printer and will never buy a Canon again.

  chub_tor 22:13 15 Jun 2009

I have successfully rejuvenated print heads in several Canon printers using tips from this website click here

  six-h 00:02 16 Jun 2009

Thanks chub_tor, another saved web page for future emergencies!
I've just recovered my i865 from a near death experience!!
A terminally clogged print head.
Despite many soakings in warm water and blowing Isopropanol through both ends, it refused to work.

Then I remembered reading of some mad fool that dismantled the print head succesfully; I couldn't quite detatch the nozzle plate, but the gap I prized open was sufficient for me to inject isopropanol into the bowels of the thing and flush out loads'a muck!
All tickety boo again now and I bless the day I decided to buy a Canon printer!

  Stuartli 00:19 16 Jun 2009

I bought a Canon BJC600e back in 1996 at Makro at a price of £364 (that was a cash and carry price in what was a very expensive computer peripherals era!).

Apart from being the top Canon model and able to do anything that modern photo printers can achieve using four separate inkjet cartridges, the print head was guaranteed (according to the manual, printed in 1994) to last the full life of the printer.

I had the BJC600e for just over 10 years and you can still buy cartridges for it today if you own one.....:-)

  six-h 00:35 16 Jun 2009

I don't know how old the S830d is, but before dissecting my print head this morning I phoned Canon to ask if replacements could still be had and was assured that they could.
Not bad service for a 5/6 year old model.

I'm with Stuartli on this one, Canon are "up there" with Acronis in my opinion!

  interzone55 09:22 16 Jun 2009

"I had the BJC600e for just over 10 years and you can still buy cartridges for it today"

HP are also good in that respect. They still carry print cartridges for every inkjet & laser printer they've ever sold. I don't know Epson's policy on this, but I've seen listings for cartridges for some very old models.

  Muergo 11:48 16 Jun 2009

I have an iP6700D Canon photo printer for over five years, very rarely if ever need to run nozzle clean, when it's hot or not used for a while I lay a Kleenex mens hankie folded and soaked with isopropanol inside the case. The vapour keeps it moist.
Maplin sell IPA in 1 litre cans.

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