Canon Pixma iP4200 v Epson R220

  WHU 16:26 30 Apr 2006

Im thinking of purchasing a new printer. I currently own an Epson C82 but im getting pretty bad banding on certain colours, ive tried cleaning the head on the colour thats affected but it hasnt helped.
Ive always owned Epson's but might give Canon a try.
I dont print to often, maybe something a couple of times a week, but i want the option to print good quality photo's when i need to.
The problem that i find with Epson's is that because i dont print everyday, im often having to clean the print heads, or need to do the realignment check to keep the prints upto a decent standard.
The printers are roughly the same price, although you can use compatible cartridges with the Epson, but not with the Canon (as far as i know).
A full set of compatibles for the Epson is about £20 from Choice, a full set of originals for the Canon is about £45.
So my questions are-
Would i need to clean the print heads for the Canon as often as i do for the Epson?
Does the Canon require the function of realigning the print heads the same as the Epson?
Has anyone any experience of using both printers, or Epson and Canon printers, if so how do they compare, and what would you recommend?

Thanks in advance.

  Stuartli 16:36 30 Apr 2006

I have an R300 which has the same print head as the R200 and, I assume, the R220.

It's used only occasionally and often only for s short piece of text - sometimes I run a few photos off. I've never had streaking, blocked heads etc and this is with compatible cartridges.

Cheapest place for Epson compatibles I've found is:

click here

I bought three full sets of six cartridges for £3.98 each plus p and p, which came to £17.81.

Gone up a tiny amount since:

click here

I haven't used mine yet, but they are branded Sumvision of MP3 player and USB storage products fame.

  pj123 16:41 30 Apr 2006

I haven't had to clean the printheads on my Epson R200 since I have had it. I get compatible cartridges from Choice Stationery.

I think the tip is (from an Epson Technical Support Guy) Do not turn your printer off.

I never turn my printer off but I do run a test print through it at least once a week.

I also have an Epson 895 which is used very rarely. This also is never switched off but I just run the same print test on it once a week and have never had to clean the printheads on this either since not switching it off. Again compatible cartridges from Choice Stationery.

click here

  Ikelos 16:42 30 Apr 2006

my last two printers have been epson, but I have just got a canon pixma ip5200r best thing since sliced bread, and it need no wires, except of course into the mains, fast and hardly makes a noise.

  WHU 17:15 30 Apr 2006

Thanks for the replies. How does keeping your printer on all the time stop your print heads from becoming blocked?
I would have thought that as the printer is not actually printing, the ink would still dry in the heads.

  GroupFC 18:28 30 Apr 2006

I have just very recently replaced my Epson C86 with the Canon Pixma iP4200.

I haven't fully explored all the capabilities of it yet, but what I have done in printing terms I am well pleased with. It is certainly much quieter than the Epson was!

The only downside that I have become aware of is that there are no compatibles availabe, and from what I read on another thread click here there are unlikely to be! The best price I have found for Canon Carts is from click here (presumably because you don't have to pay VAT).

(I don't fancy trying the ones from Germany linked to in the Helproom thread!).


  WHU 22:24 30 Apr 2006

Thanks for the replies. Before i started this thread i was swaying towards the Canon, but now i think i'll stick with Epson and go for the R220. I'll just have to print a couple of test pages a week, and try leaving it switched on most of the time.
If the Canon had compatibles i would have probably gone for that.

  Stuartli 23:24 30 Apr 2006

>>I'll just have to print a couple of test pages a week, and try leaving it switched on most of the time.>>

As I've pointed out I've never found any need to do either of these actions - the R300 just works when it is switched on..:-)

However, the room in which my system is housed is kept relatively cool most of the year round.

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