Canon i850, what a load of rubbish

  GBL 20:05 23 Jan 2004

As I was looking for a new printer that had individual ink tanks and that would print decent photo's, I scanned all the reviews that I could. On seeing that the Canon i850 was very highly rated in this magazine etc, I went for it.
The best deal was at PC World on-line. Hadn't had the printer long when it started to print any colour other that Red or Yellow. Not being put off I tried numerous deap head cleans and print head cleans over the next three months, as hadn't used the printer a great deal. Then I noticed that the red and yellow inks had absorbed the blue, hence the changes in colour.
I wrote to Canon, who failed to grasp the problem and suggested that I perform cleaning, and refered me back to PC World. I wrote to PC World who, yes refered me back to Canon. I have now rang their suggested phone number for service, after sometime the man may have got the idea that cleaning was not the answer.
I am now awaiting a call from a technician, to see what they say.
Meanwhile the printer is useless and will not perform as it should do, neither company will offer me a refund so I am stuck with a useless peice of equipment which is less that four months old.
I am going for cheap printer so that I can at least do what I intended.

As for Canon, never again and they will not get any recomendation from me.
when it was tested it must have been a special one for the magazine to use.

  Forum Editor 23:07 23 Jan 2004

but you don't have to accept this approach.

Your contract was with PC World, they sold you the printer, and under current consumer law they are liable to replace (or repair) the printer.

The law says that PC World must be allowed to repair the fault, but they must return it to you, fully working, within a "reasonable time". The law doesn't define "reasonable" in this context - each case is considered in isolation, should it come to court.

In the real world, companies like PC World can't usually repair things like printers or monitors, and in your interest they would tend to refer you directly to the manufacturer. They would have to do that themselves anyway, and by asking you to make direct contact they may well be saving you some time - a link will have been removed from the chain.

I think it's worth your while to write to PC World, formally rejecting the printer as being "not fit for the purpose for which it was sold" so that you have it on record. The fact that Canon have promised to get a technician to call you is a good sign - he/she will probably be able to authorise a replacement machine if that proves to be necessary.

  GBL 10:17 24 Jan 2004

Thanks for that advice yes I will write to PC World as you say. I am still waiting for the Canon service engineer or who ever to contact me.

  wee eddie 16:12 24 Jan 2004

but what you describe sounds very similar to the result of Ink Tanks not being fully seated, and then bleeding into the adjacent slot.

It could easily be that, or a faulty print head.

If there is a fault, it will be rectified. Even if they do ask you to do some physical checks first, as experience suggests that most problems are caused by the operator

  Hunte® 16:21 24 Jan 2004

Canon typically use an approach of ink tanks going into a removable (and replacable head unit). I had a similar problem with my old BJC6200 and traced the fault to a failing head unit. A replacement head (came with cartridges as well) solved the problem for good.

  Wilham 17:34 24 Jan 2004

I bought a Sharp laptop from PCWorld and the internal mic didn't work. I emailed them with full details (there was no info about it in the manual which covered several models). Reply came that my model wasn't supplied with internal mic.

I strode back to PCWorld, dumped it on the counter asking why I'd been told it had? The man plugged in one of the two mics (I'd taken 2nd for backup), pressed some keys, and lo...., it worked! Apology given, the mic had been s/w disabled from new.

Moral: If you buy a problem from a shop, put it on the counter.

  Wilham 17:40 24 Jan 2004

I plugged in my mic, showed it worked, pulled it out, told him to demonstrate the internal mic...Which he did!

  Wilham 20:15 24 Jan 2004

As this thread is resolved I'm sure geoffy won't mind me adding the laptop model is PC-GP10-CH, for fellow Sharp owners.


  GBL 18:37 25 Jan 2004

No Wilham please feel free to add what you wish.

My printer is less that four months old, and to be supplied with what may well be a faulty print head says alot for the quality control at Canon, they could spend less in sponsoring and more to provide customers which a quality product at reasonable prices.
The ink tanks are properly secured and fitted, I accept that once or twice may well be opperator error but more than that with the same problem, sorry, no.

Cheers to all.
I will let you know the outcome when Canon eventually contact me, meanwhile I have bought a cheap Lexmark from Ebay.

  davidg_richmond 01:34 26 Jan 2004

It seems that you have gone full-throttle into denouncing a good manufacturer due to one faulty item you have bought from them. Having one faulty purchase from them harldy makes you an expert to make comments such as "when it was tested it must have been a special one for the magazine to use" and "a faulty print head says alot for the quality control at Canon".

I have used Canon printers for years, and my current digital camera is a Canon, and the only fault I have had is a single faulty print carriage/head after three years of constant use. This was easily repairable due to Canon's inspired use of a separate, easily replaceable carriage - fully user-solveable therefore more convenient than finding a repairer.

An Epson printer with a similar fault would have been more worthy of replacement than repair as the head is built into the printer itself.

Your real problem is getting the head replaced by PC World/Canon. Focus on this. PCW are obliged to do the repairing, although Canon are the ones who would provide this service either way. The best solution would have been to approach the supplier within 28 days (roughly when the fault first appeared), who would have exchanged the printer without hassle or given a refund.

However as it is, the Canon technician will most likely organise a replacement head before this next week is up.

Let us know how you get on.

  GBL 21:52 26 Jan 2004

The biggest problem is getting someone to understand what I keep saying, all Canon people say is do a deap head clean etc, then when I tell them that is exactly what I had been doing for the last month or so until I realised that the inks were being absorbed into each ink tank, therefore the colour would never be what it should be.I am sure that even you davidg_richmond would get fedup trying to get through to them that it is not opperator trouble but down to the printer. I now seem to be getting somewhere, they have eventually said that they will send me a new print head.
I still have to wait for up to 5 days for that to arrive. Then we will see if that sorts the problem out and for how long??
My opinion about Canon still stands despite you thinking I am going over the top, if we all liked the same thing then there would be no need for different manufacturers etc.

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