Canon i850, i950 Printers

  Bayleaf 16:00 02 Jun 2003

Anyone out there got an i850 or i950, how good are they? would appreciate any comments.

  Bebee 16:53 02 Jun 2003

I have recently bought the i950. The print quality is superb. I am using it only for photoprinting and keeping my old Canon S600 for general printing.

It's not a cheap printer and I don't expect it to be that cheap to run as I am using Canon cartridges.

I wanted quality for the money rather than extra gadgets like card readers.

I am very pleased with it. With good quality paper it would be difficult to know that it was not a traditional print (well I can't tell the difference).

There is a thorough review of it here click here

Hope this helps.

  wee eddie 18:02 02 Jun 2003

as a replacement for a 6yo Canon 620 which goes to the daughter of a staff member.

I am not in a position to comment on the cost of ink as I cost in the use of Canon cartridges when making a buying decision. Although Viking are offering own brand @ £3.99 for black and £3.49 for each of the coloured cartridges.

Almost silent. Speed brilliant. I have not tried a photo yet but I had to scan some art-work and got a result that was almost indistinguishable from the original.

  Spencus 19:35 03 Jun 2003

Both on test click here

  Bayleaf 20:40 05 Jun 2003

Bebee,wee eddie,Spencus - Many thanks for your comments and links, very helpful and much appreciated. Sounds as good as I thought although I am a bit worried about the running costs!

  wee eddie 20:55 05 Jun 2003

I don't think you'll find many printers cheaper than the i850 to run

  KARINA 11:25 06 Jun 2003

I just bought a Canon i320 to replace my HP Deskjet 840C and was planning to buy an Epson Stylus 830 to print photos.........but i was so impressed with the Canon i320 that i have decided to wait a while to buy a second printer..........the cartridges for the i320 are very cheap (considering i paid £26 for colour and £22 for black for the HP) £2.86 for black and £3.86 for colour at choice stationery......the prints are much better than my had a great review from personal computer world............and it was only £44 from ebuyer

  KARINA 11:27 06 Jun 2003

Also if your not sure about buying the i850 or i550 then go to comet online and get a free sample of your photo to compare the two printers...they have this offer 'try before you buy'..........

  Bayleaf 20:37 06 Jun 2003

wee eddie - Thanks again, I was really thinking about the i950 because I am not sure about the ability of the i850 to reproduce realistic skin tones because of the lack of six colours.

KARINA - Thanks for the info will have a look at the i320. I have sent a photo to Canon, just a word of caution on using compatible ink cartrigdes, the reason I am looking for a new printer is according to Epson - damage to the print heads caused by non genuine ink, and if used in the first year you loose your warranty. Although I know many who use them, I have decided once bitten twice shy!

  KARINA 22:38 20 Jun 2003

Bayleaf....i know you've ticked this thread as being resolved........tell me what you decided (on this thread).......because i too am thinking of either the i850 or some other canon - just for printing photos - nothing else........thanks Karina

  Newuser1241 20:34 21 Jun 2003

have bought this from Dabs, £155 arrived at depot next day (sat am) so went and collected rather than wait till monday when scheduled for delivery.
Is just such a good printer more than happy with standard mode for printing text, and the speed makes my Epson printers seem as though they were writing on tablets of stone.
Very quiet in operation as well, without masses of shaking that the epson do.
Photo's very good as well, even though only 3 colour, cartridges cheap even for originals, have a set of compatibles waiting to go in, any problems and will stick to originals.
From web comments I have seen photo quality depends on using good paper, all papers I have used seem OK.

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