Canon has set up MP980 to Deliberately waste ink.

  Robh3 08:11 02 Jun 2009

The Canon MP980 has been set up by Canon to clean the print heads approximately 1 minute after printing anything. This happens everytime a single page is printed. I am now on my 3rd set of inks and have only ever printed 5 to 6 A4 photos. This is a complete waste of ink and is disgraceful of Canon to set up printers to waste ink so they can sell more cartridges. This is not a case of my printer being faulty I know of 2 other people who have this printer and the same happens to theirs. I have been intouch with Canon and they have no intentions of issuing a firmware update. The person I spoke to at Canon tested their own MP980 and admitted that their printer did the same. It would be interesting to know if Canon have set up other printers to wast ink in this way. So much for their carbon footprint.

  Stuartli 09:48 02 Jun 2009

Your observations are, presumably, based purely on having printed half-a-dozen photographs during which time you have used nearly three sets of cartridges.

I find that very difficult to believe, especially with a Canon printer.

Been looking at some users' reviews. One states:

"..I have been surprised at how fast the grey ink is consumed printing in color. The overall ink usage, though, is quite frugal. Canon, again, surprises me with another excellent product."

(See: click here)

I haven't found any adverse comments about ink usage apart from the grey cartridge.

  gazzaho 11:35 02 Jun 2009

I can't comment on the MP980 or offer a fix but I do own a MP610 all in one and though it does use more ink than I would like it's no more than other printers I've owned. In my opinion printers from all the manufacturers use more ink than they should, and I guess that's how they make their money, sell the printer cheap and make the money through ink refills.

Are the ink cartridges you are using unbranded or Canons own brand? If they're unbranded, perhaps that's the problem, sometimes cartridges are cheap for a reason. I myself only use Canon cartridges but I'm considering changing to a continuously fed system when my supply runs out.

From what you say you do seem to be using a lot more ink than you should though and if the cartridges are genuine Canon and from a reputable source then the only other explanation would be a faulty printer.

  Stuartli 12:56 02 Jun 2009

>>hen the only other explanation would be a faulty printer.>>

Or rather three faulty printers if you read the thread again.

Too much of a coincidence...:-)

  oresome 15:01 02 Jun 2009

My previous Epson Photo 700 seemed to spend most of it's life making noises and wasting ink, but the present Canon IP 4500 is much quieter and also hibernates when not required.

Not used much, all the cartridges bar one have just been replaced after 11 months use, so I'm happy with the consumption costs of this particular model.

A full set of compatible chipped cartridges can be had from 7Day for around £15.

  Robh3 15:02 02 Jun 2009

Reply to above. I only use genuine Canon inks. I have been assured by Canon that the printer is not faulty. As mentioned in my first message even the MP980 printer Canon use at their help centre cleans itself after printing a page. If you continuously print without a pause say 12 sheets then it will clean at the end of the print run but as most printing is done one at a time the ink wastage is rediculas. If you print a page and then try to print another page just before it enters clean mode (just over a minute) then you have to wait for the cleaning before it will print again which makes a complete mockery of print times. I can understand a cleaning cycle when first tuning the printer on but not after printing a page. It even cleans if you lift the lid to view the serial number. It seems Canon have not missed a trick on wasting ink.

  Forum Editor 19:21 02 Jun 2009

like this - you have absolutely no evidence to substantiate your belief that Canon has deliberately configured a printer's firmware so that it wastes ink.

It's your opinion, nothing more, and you mustn't make the allegation unless you can substantiate it - which you can't.

  Robh3 20:49 02 Jun 2009

Why don't you obtain for testing in the magazine a MP980 and test one for yourself. Canon has made these printers and released them so they are responsable for how it works. I have had 5 conversations with Canon Help and in the end they refered me to their call out contractors and when I got in touch with them they said no point coming as the MP980 is heavy on ink use and they were aware of it cleaning after printing. What is the point of haveing a comsumerwatch if you do not like it when someone complains about a large company such as Canon. I will say that the printer is an excellent printer, prints perfectly prints brilliant photos and connect to wi-fi real easy just a shame it is so expensive to run. Why don't you get intouch with Canon and ask them if they are aware of the printer cleaning everytime a print is made. When I first complained to Canon they said it was just the print head returning to home. They ignored the fact that the printer pumps away cleaning for 20 to 30 seconds.

  Stuartli 23:00 02 Jun 2009

You re misconstruing what the FE pointed out to you i.e. that you are accusing Canon of "..deliberately configuring a printer's firmware so that it wastes ink."

As the FE rightly states, you have no evidence whatsoever that that is the case and your comment could be regarded by Canon as being libellous.

That is probably the reason why the FE has made his observation.

  DieSse 23:46 02 Jun 2009

"deliberately configuring a printer's firmware"

Well I don't suppose they configured it accidentally - so that makes it deliberate??

"so that it wastes ink"

I don't suppose there's any dispute that excessive cleaning wastes ink is there??

So the only point of contention is whether it's configured to clean the printheads excessively.

After each sheet, on the face of it, seems prodigiously excessive.

Unless they can come up with a sound technical reason for doing this, which is unlike any other printer I've ever seen, - then there is a case to answer at the very least.

  DieSse 23:53 02 Jun 2009

"After each sheet"

Perhaps to be strictly accurate - "After each print run" would be be more accurate.

Since photos are generally printed one at a time, however, the substantive point remains the same.

Sounds like a good case for rejecting the printer as not fit for purpose due to faulty design.

The fault being either

a) Unnecessary cleaning cycles OR

b) A printhead design that requires excessive cleaning to function correctly.

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