Canon D1250U2 / D1250U2F

  **nada** 20:53 30 Mar 2003

I am considering buying the Canon D1250U2F scanner. The Canon D1250UF is at number one in the PCA reviews, and I was wondering if the D1250U2F is exactly the same as the D1250U2 but it just has the extra capability of scanning 35mm negatives at the slight extra cost?

Also does anybody know the best place to buy this scanner, dabs and komplett don't seem to sell it. PC World are selling the D1250U2F for £100 inc. VAT yet ebuyer are selling it for £140!

  JoeC 11:24 31 Mar 2003

at £99 odds at Comet. I bought one and it is superb. Check out Canon's website for differences.

  Coaster3 15:38 31 Mar 2003

I have used the D1250U2F since they first came on the market and I cannot fault it. It will scan negatives and turn them into positives and it will also scan slides.

It is ultra fast if you use the USB2 card that comes bundled with the scanner. Mine also had OmnipagePro and Photoshop Elements; both superb programs.

A normal A4 greyscale scan takes about 30 seconds and a colour scan at 600 dpi takes about 50 seconds. Colours are accurate.

Go for it, it's a very fine scanner.

  **nada** 17:32 31 Mar 2003

Thanks for the advice, but my real question was whether the negative scanning ability is the only difference between the D1250U2 and D1250U2F; otherwise they are identical.

  Coaster3 18:08 31 Mar 2003

Sorry, missed that bit.

Yes it is. The two scanners are identical except that the U2F variety has the capability of scanning negatives.

Incidentally, it will only scan 35mm negs. 6/7 cms. and 5/4 are out as far as this scanner is concerned which is a great pity.

  Coaster3 16:39 02 Apr 2003

A friend of mine has just bought a D1250U2F from Comet. They gave him the D1250U2 by mistake and we didn't notice untill we opened it. I was surprised to find that there was no USB2 card supplied with it. Neither was there any software other than the scanner driver.

Might well be worth looking elsewhere!

  researcher 19:58 02 Apr 2003

I have the D1250u2. The only difference is the lack of neg scanning facility.

Sounds like the one from comet may have been a second?- it should come with the bundled software as coaster 3 says.

I don't understand the bit about a usb2 card, if the PC has usb2 its just a case of loading the software and away you go.

Oh, its a great scanner, got mine at Dabs.

  Gizmo 20:21 02 Apr 2003

I bought the canon d1250-u2f slim line usb2 scanner just before Christmas form click here for £117.44 and I love it, it works fine with the standard USB 1 but I bought a USB 2 card for £20 and it far faster using USB 2. I would recommend it especially if you are scanning negatives or transparencies (slides)

  Andrew P 20:57 02 Apr 2003

- I got the 'F' model after I saw the review of the D1250U2 in the Aug02 issue of PCA. As coaster3 says, it truly is an excellent scanner. I got mine for £153 including vat and delivery from PCWorld, as they were the cheapest at the time. However I suspect that prices have come down alot since then. It was a doddle to install the supplied software and the drivers for both the scanner and the provided USB 2.0 card - and the scanning time is amazingly quick compared to other scanners I have used. The colour depth and clarity of the image produced is stunning, and i can't fault the scanner in any way at all. The only differences that I have noticed between the two models is that they both have a different colour lid, and the 'f' version has an extra button on the top of the lid which can be programmed easily via the scanner driver software interface to perform any of the functions the scanner is capable of. And of course, the 'f' version can also scan 35mm film and negatives. When buying the scanner, i didn't really know if i'd need this facility, but it has proved to be an invaluable addition. i'm sorry, but i do not know whether the additional software or the usb 2.0 card are included with the D1250U2. all in all this is a fantastic scanner and i highly reccomend it.

it is worth noting that the scanner manual states that the USB 2.0 card is only compatable with windows xp, 2000 and me, however if you click here you can download the latest drivers for the supplied card which also work on windows 98. even though it says on the download page that it will not work on windows 98 first edition, i have used it on that operating system without any problems. whatever operating system you have, download that file, unzip it to a suitable folder (you don't need any extra programs to do this as it is an exe file), and remember where it is. then, follow the instructions provided with the scanner for installing the card, but when you get to the part where a screen labeled 'add new hardware' or something similar pops up, just direct it to the files you unzipped earlier. you can then go straight onto installing the scanner using the instructions provided with the scanner.

i hope this helps, if you have any other questions just post back here.
andrew p.

  red dot 21:06 02 Apr 2003

I'm interested in one of these scanners, but can anyone tell me whether the U2 is capable of scanning OHP transparencies or whether I need to go for the U2F.

  **nada** 22:24 02 Apr 2003

Thanks for all your posts so far. I already have Windows XP and USB 2 ports built into my motherboard so (Andrew P) compatibility would not be an issue. I think I will almost definately buy this scanner, it sounds excellent value for money.

Just one thing; I know that scanning a full A4 page at 1200dpi would take an enourmous amount of space, I presume that this high resolution only really comes in handy if you want to blow up small images like from 35mm negatives. Scanning negatives on a computer scanner sounds new to me, how good does the image end up when scanning negatives. I wonder because negatives are so small. What sort of file size would a negative scan at full resolution (1200dpi I believe) take up, that is after using jpeg compression. How would this compare to a digital camera photo of say 2 megapixels?

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