Canon Chipped Cartridges (ip4200,iP5200,MP500...)

  Arnie 09:15 20 Feb 2007

Is anyone contemplating buying one of the afore mentioned printers?
If so, do you intend using compatible cartridges with it?

click here

  mike1967 12:29 20 Feb 2007

Before using compatibles try pricing the originals the price difference is not what it used to be.

For instance I can get cartridges for my HP cheaper than compatibles.

The days of originals costing a lot more seem to have gone(well for HP they have)

  Arnie 13:12 20 Feb 2007

They seem to be quite expensive.

I buy Epson C66 Think+ carts with 30% more ink than Epson originals.

I would be very surprised to see any originals priced close to compatibles.
If printer manufacturers did this we would not need compatible carts.


  mike1967 21:00 20 Feb 2007

My HP ones on Amazon are honestly really well priced, and I've found them to be cheaper than compatibles

Like I said things have changed with HP anyway.

I think people are so used to buying compatibles they haven't checked out prices of originals.

It might not be the same for all companies though

  FatboySlim71 23:58 20 Feb 2007

I too have an HP printer and I have found that the compatible cartridges for my printer are infact more expensive than the original HP branded cartridges. I have used compatible cartridges in the past, but not with my present printer and I think that you get better results with original branded inks. I think a lot of my printing problems with my other printers were due to using compatible cartridges.

I purchase my original HP cartridges off of Amazon and as yet I cannot find anywhere cheaper, plus if you choose the super saver delivery then there is no delivery charge either, Amazon may be a good place for you to look for your ink cartridges.

  Arnie 00:00 21 Feb 2007

Although I have never owned one, I have always liked HP printers, in that the printer head is always renewed with each cartridge change.

Is your printer an old model or fairly new?
Also, what prices are you paying for your carts?

I have always been put off from buying HP printers. This is because of the high mark-up prices of carts I often see in my local stores.



  Arnie 00:16 21 Feb 2007

Again, I must be looking in the wrong places for HP cartridge cost evaluation.
Of course it must be remembered, some of the carts are only 7mL.

As I have said, I use an Epson C66 printer with Think+ ink carts and they are very economical in use.

The problem with many printers is head blockage.
This is not a problem with HP because of the reasons mentioned earlier.

  FatboySlim71 08:48 21 Feb 2007

You have got to remember as well, with HP cartridges, like you have mentioned "the printer head is always renewed with each cartridge change", and also another thing with HP printers, is that there is no ink been used when you switch the printer on, as is the case with Epson and most other brands, everytime you switch one of these brands of printers on, the printer uses a small amount of ink to prime the heads, but with HP printers this is not the case, so even though the colour cartridge is 7ml, bearing in mind what I have just said, they do last longer than you would think they would, and I have never thought to myself that they don't last long and also I do a fair amount of printing.

The new printhead everytime you change the ink cartridge and the not using ink everytime the printer is switched on, were the MAIN reasons that I went for an HP printer, and to be honest they are BY FAR the best brand of printer I have owned.

I have owned 2 Canon's, 3 Epson's, and the HP EASILY beats them on print quality, text printing on my HP is laser quality it really is that good and also graphics are very sharp as well, personally now I would not buy any other brand of printer only HP, my HP printer is a new model it was purchased in Oct 06. I have provided a link below to a review I wrote on it, if you are interested.

click here

  marjted 20:26 21 Feb 2007

The main problem with compatibles for these printers is the chip. This has to be removed from the old cartridge and fitted onto the compatible and is just too much of a fag.
I find the Pixma 4200 excellent for what I want - mainly photos - and the difference in cost between a pack of originals from click here for instance and a couple of different compatibles suppliers I have used, doesn't make it worthwhile in my book.

  Arnie 00:58 22 Feb 2007

Thank you for your very useful feedback.
Of interest to me was your mention of HP’s printers not wasting ink during their on/off cycle.
I must admit to not knowing this, but of course it makes sense in that the print-head is a component part of the whole cartridge.

I know quite a lot of ink is used up during on/off ink charging cycles of Epson printers and others. I used to own a Stylus 880 which I stripped down and serviced. It was quite a hard job putting it all back!
I was amazed at the amount of ink that came out of the ‘white’, in fact very dark reservoir pad.
Happily 18 months later, it’s still working well on dirt cheap compatible carts in my mate’s hands.
Since I already own an Epson Perfection 2480 Photo scanner, I do not need an All-In-One Inkjet Printer. I had my eye on the HP DeskJet 5940. It has a good write-up.

  Arnie 01:13 22 Feb 2007

I did give some thought to the Pixma 4200. However, I have decided to go down the new print-head every time road, i.e. HP.
Also I may eventually try the new Peach Snap-in cartridge system with the HP printer.
The print-heads are made with the same precision HP components.

Regarding refilling your printer carts and chip changing. It is generally a no-go area. see my click here in my title thread.

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