Canon 60D or Samsung NX20 DSLR? Stepping out into the wild from smartphone photography

  Jwbjnwolf 08:16 19 Jan 2014

Hi. I want to get a DSLR. I've for years now had my eyes pried on the Canon 60D because I've noticed that wherever I go on YouTube, a huge majority of popular YouTubers and professionals say that the Canon 60D is their number one choice.

My mum is keep saying to me how I should get the Nexus 5 because of problems I have with my iPhone (pretending to be out of battery at 55% for an example) but I mainly have problems when I'm taking a lot of pictures with my iPhone and I do love my iPhone so it'd be a bit crazy going to a nexus when a lot of the photo editing apps I use simply aren't available on android. I thought about getting the Nokia Lumia 1020 because of the camera and because I'm very keen about Windows Phone. But then I only want it because of the camera and it's quite expensive for just the camera. So I decided to start looking at the Canon again.

I then stumbled across Samsung's smart camera range and immediately found a nicely priced Samsung NX20 (20.3mp) DSLR.

The Canon is 18mp so it's less than the Samsung's 20.3mp, but megapixels I know you shouldn't judge upon.

Now I'm just not sure which I want. The Canon which I've had my eyes pried on for years and I've heard a lot about from photographers and videographers across YouTube and came across face to face etc or the Samsung which has Android built in making everything more simple for someone stepping into the wild from smartphone photography.

As a professional photographer or as a novice photographer, which one would you choose?

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  hastelloy 10:35 19 Jan 2014

Firstly, the Samsung isn't a DSLR.

Opinions vary, but IMHO the only thing that comes close to a Canon is a Nikon.

Have a look at Samsung review and Canon review but my advice would be - go into a local shop and have a look. Get the feel for the camera and see what you are comfortable with.

The most important element in a camera is the lens. Next is the sensor so, as you say, mega-pixels isn't always a good guide as to best quality.

Hopefully HSSutton will respond and give you a more expert, balanced opinion but, in the meantime, I hope this helps

  Ex plorer 10:56 19 Jan 2014

I would choose the Canon more lenses to choose from. See Here canon Vs Samsung This just gives you a break down of what each camera has and is capable of, But the bonus for me is the weather proof, and Optical view Finder of the canon.

However if you want a small and more compact camera then the Samsung.

  BT 11:13 19 Jan 2014

"But then I only want it because of the camera"

Quite honestly if you only want a phone because of its camera, do you really need an expensive higher end camera instead. It all depends on what sort of photography you do or want to do. You may be better off getting a good Compact style camera. There are many available with all the features you mention, good zoom, megapixel count, video capability etc., for considerably less cost than the cameras you mention.

The Panasonic Lumix range are worth a look and come with Leica lenses

Panasonic Cameras

  Jwbjnwolf 14:17 19 Jan 2014

Well seeing what a lot of you have said here, basically the same exact thing every photographer/filmmaker I've come across has said that in their opinion Canon is the leading DSLRs out there with Nikon tagging along just behind. I love photography and although I just do it for a hobby, I want to go into the professional photography and film making. I've always heard from people across YouTube, including my favourite YouTubers how fantastic the 60D is for filming.

And I've just come across the 70D which I can get from here for just £699. Going to take myself to London in February (as long as it's not snowing or flooding that is) so it'd be really really nice having this with me. Maybe I won't be using it to it's full potential straight away, but I know I eventually will be when I get the hang of it a lot more.

Some of my favourite shots are landscapes, Panning shots, Slow Shutter shots and of course Panoramas (which I guess landscapes would often come under). Also because my YouTube I want to have a professional camera to get professional quality as I want to make short films eventually. I really really love photography and lots of people have said to me I should consider being a professional photographer as I'm forever getting big "wow"s when I show my photography to people. So I certainly will get that Canon 70D because I know I'll someday be using the big boys toys haha.

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  Jwbjnwolf 14:21 19 Jan 2014

Thanks for helping me make my mind up. As convenient as it may be android built in, it also can be inconvenient I guess and more of a distraction. That Canon 70D certainly is the wiser choice over both the Samsung and 60D because I just can't find anywhere that even the 60D can beat that price.

  Jwbjnwolf 15:48 19 Jan 2014

Well scrap that website I gave for the 70D which was £699. Loads say that is a really untrustworthy site. Next best deal for it is TipTopElectronics.

Cannot wait for it to arrive. Then I won't be any longer needing to use my iPhone for photography except obviously times when probably wouldn't have enough time to get the canon out as iPhones etc, they take seconds to get out and take a shot, and sometimes sadly you'd miss it if you get out your professional equipment.

Can't wait to go to London with it and learn all sorts of tricks with it. :)

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  Jwbjnwolf 18:42 04 Feb 2014

Well my Canon arrived yesterday so it was ready for me to play with this morning (when charged battery). As soon as got into town, straight away I worked out how to do my favourite type of shot :D Panning shot. That's the first thing I did and some of the shots are just amazing. I'll give a link to a page of them once I've uploaded them on my site. Just gotta find a good watermarking software before hand.

In college, my support worker I have supporting me Tuesdays, she's a Canon DSLR expert (and I'm the iPhone photography expert) so we teaching each other tricks which is nice :)

That touchscreen, I really like that because I'm so used to touch.

Already, I am really pleased with this and I just can't wait to learn more tricks with it and all it's functions. Next mission is to work out slow shutter (probably will have that sussed by tomorrow knowing me).

Canon has one happy bunny.

  Blackhat 11:55 06 Feb 2014

Now that you are in the Cannon club I suggest you visit a newsagent and track down Photoplus magazine.

Photoplus for Cannon

Dedicated to Cannon DSLR users. I have a 7D and if you are ever in Birmingham you are welcome to my 2 year collection of photoplus.

  Jwbjnwolf 11:40 07 Feb 2014

Thanks for that link Blackhat :D

Will come in really useful that's for sure. Realised that I can simply do watermarking with Preview on my mac, plus do a bit of contrast, sharpness, exposure editing with it too. So that's handy. Uploaded one picture so far on my gallery.

Already on my camera I've got over 4000 pictures. That's mainly because I'm doing panning shots using continuous shooting as I'm panning with a vehicle. I worked out the shutter speed now so I've taken some nice slow shutter shots of cars (plus a train) creating nice patterns of lights.

  Jwbjnwolf 11:43 07 Feb 2014

Wish though that Weebly didn't reduce the resolution of the pictures when I upload them. But at least it isn't touching the originals though :)

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