Cannon Paper Thickness

  Baz48 23:54 20 Jan 2003
  Baz48 23:54 20 Jan 2003

I've just purchased a Cannon S330 for printing photo's (Cannon say it's a good photo printer).

The instructions say that paper thickness is 64 - 105gms/sq mtr and any thicker may damage the printer.

It came supplied with a trial pack of Cannon PP-101 glossy photo papers which are 270gm/sq mtr.

Could these have been slipped in by the repair department without sales knowing?

Anyone got any 64gms photo paper?


  oresome 12:55 21 Jan 2003

Standard paper is 80gms. To get a photo feel to the paper, you need something heavier than this. About 150gms is the lightest suitable for photos and closer to the 270gms you've got is ideal.
I'd check with Cannon as something doesn't stack up here.

  €dstow 14:24 21 Jan 2003

64gsm paper equates to something like tissue paper - unlikely to go through a printer anyway!

As oresome says, there is something amiss with what Canon are telling you and I would suggest that you confirm with Canon that they have made a mistake. Even their recommended top weight for paper is very low and the majority of reasonable quality papers will match or exceed that.

Most printers will print quite happily on to 270gsm paper. The only problems arise when the paper makes a tight curve (more or less a "U" turn) in the printer.


  'oppy 14:49 21 Jan 2003

Most printers will take up to the 270gsm, (Photo Glossy and white card), but like £d says, beware of printers like HP that do a "U" in out delivery, may jam with the heavier papers.I think you've been given some duff figures, maybe they refer to only putting one glossy photo paper in at one at a time and not stacking them.

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