Cancelling Tiscali after death

  exetergirl 08:44 11 Dec 2009

Hello there

I would be grateful for any help here. My grandfather died several months ago, and ever since then we have been trying to cancel his contract with Tiscali for dial-up internet. We have tried talking to them over the phone but can't get anywhere as they wouldn't talk to anyone other than the account holder, which is fair enough perhaps, but which obviously wasn't possible. My mum is the executor of all his affairs now and has been dealing with them. We sent them a death certificate, as instructed on the website, which was sent back to us with no acknowledgement so we are not sure what procedure they follow with this. However, weeks after this they persist in sending letters to my Grandfather demanding money (I believe his account was closed when he died), as well as calling my Grandmother. We have called them at least 4 times to notify them that Grandpa has died and that my mother is now the executor for his affairs, but on each occasion she has been promised that it will be sorted, and yet they are still trying to contact him. More than anything else it is really upsetting my Grandma to keep getting these calls/letters. Could anyone recommend anyone we could contact about this because it has been going on for months now.

On a related note, over the summer months Tiscali took no money out of his account (July-October), but recently have tried to take out an amount for about £4.52, and we cannot work out what this is for, especially in light of the fact that they took nothing over the summer. They will not tell my mother what it is (as he is not my Grandpa), but we want to get to the bottom of things, and she is tearing her hair out!
Many thanks in advance to all of you for reading this.

  BT 09:02 11 Dec 2009

If they are trying to take Direct Debits the obvious way is to cancel them at the Bank and inform Tiscali that they have been cancelled, at the same time informing them of your previous communications with them.

  tims31 09:06 11 Dec 2009


Not sure if you have tried the forums at Tiscali click here but these are often monitored by members of the customer support teams and is sometimes a good way of getting things sorted. Have also seen that BBC Watchdog is building a case on Tiscali click here so if you get nowhere on the forums it may be worth your while contacting the BBC Watchdog program as they can often apply pressure as they know who to contact.

Hope that is of some help.

  birdface 09:38 11 Dec 2009

We all know how distressing it can be receiving post for a loved one who has passed away.
To keep sending them when they have been notified off his death is unforgivable.
I would contact BBC Watchdog to see if they can help.
Apart from them you could try Citizens Advice or a Lawyer.
I would first contact the BBC Watchdog like tims31 suguested as you may get quicker action from them.
lets hope that you get it sorted soon.

  Pamy 09:43 11 Dec 2009

I would write to the most senior person (the good old fashioned way ) by recordrd delivery, stating that you are the executer of his estate and what it is you wish to happen. Alo telephone these people for their advice click here

  anchor 10:00 11 Dec 2009

Tiscali is now owned by TalkTalk, who in turn is owned by Carphone Warehouse. Their CEO is Charles Dunstone, registered address

Carphone Warehouse,
North Acton Business Park,
Wales Farm Road,
London W3 6RS.

  Pamy 10:15 11 Dec 2009

Found this in their Terms and Conditions

7.13 If you disagree with any item on your invoice, you must notify Customer Services in writing within 30 days of the date on the invoice. After that time, you are deemed to have accepted the invoice. Disputes must be sent by Recorded Delivery to Tiscali UK Limited, PO Box 14505, Birmingham, B46 1BF. Please retain proof of postage.

  dms_05 11:32 11 Dec 2009

Another good reason to avoid Car Phone Warehouse and all their subsiduaries.

Write to the CEO at the address given by 'anchor'. It should work reasonably quickly.

I had similar problems with BT and my letter was passed to a special team who deal with non-standard problems (however people do die and this company should have a compassionate way of dealing with their relatives).

However large outfits have the most bizarre rules and I had to deal with Barclays 'Dead Accounts' department - the name of which illustrates how uncaring that company is!

  spuds 16:12 11 Dec 2009

You are not the first person to have problems of this kind, because trying to make contact with an 'understanding' person is sometimes very difficult.

My suggestion would be to try other avenues.

Mary Turner who might still be in charge of Tiscali can be contacted via [email protected] (Her office once resolved a long term problem for me, that others at Tiscali apparently could not).

You could also try, any or all of the following, who would put you on the right track for resolving this issue:
ISPA click here.
Ofcom click here
Otelo click here

Regarding the suggestion about contacting CPW, I have tried this recently, but while their advisers were very helpful, they couldn't become involved because "Tiscali was another company".

  Al94 17:14 11 Dec 2009

They can't take anything out of a deceased's account as the bank will "stop" the account on notification and provision of a death certificate. If it was a joint account, best to have it closed and a new account opened for your Grandmother.

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