Cancelling Sky Broadband

  superhoops 08:52 18 Feb 2007

Hi I was wondering where I stand with cancelling sky broadband even though I am only about 4/5 months into the years contract.
The service is totally unreliable, needing a reboot every hour or so or the connection crawls to a stop. I have phoned the helpline several times, each time being promised a phone call back from their technical people. No one has bothers phoning back and I am just sick of it now.
As far as I am concerned the service I am getting is totally unreliable and frustrating and therefore want to terminate the contract early. Are they likely to let me go without a fuss?

  Forum Editor 11:20 18 Feb 2007

within the twelve-month period if you 'reasonably consider' that you have been disadvantaged by a reduction in the service level you've received, compared to what was offered when you signed up.

In your case it does sound as if you haven't received an appropriate service level, despite your efforts to get the company to remedy matters, and therefore I think you may have the necessary grounds to terminate. The company may see things differently of course, but you have only way way of finding out.

Why not write to them and tell them that you wish to terminate because they haven't provided you with the service which was offered - see what they say?

  superhoops 18:31 18 Feb 2007

Thanks for your response. I have just phoned sky again as I really dont want the hassle of changing to another ISP.
I asked her why I hadnt had a call back yet again as promised. She said that I had been called on the 13th Feb. However depite the fact that I had made it plain they would have to call my mobile as I am not at home from 7am to 8pm or sometimes later during the week she said that they phoned my home number. And not getting an answer (obvious as I am not there during the day)they "closed my case". Wonderful. What excellent customer service.
The lady said she would get a tech3 person to call me by Tuesday on my mobile. Funny think I've heard that before. I asked her could she not put me through now to someone. No she said, she would get the sack if she did!
I will cancel Tuesday if this isnt resolved as it is becoming ridiculous.
As amatter of interest this is a screenshot of what I get regularly but sporadically.
click here

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